More Than A Vote

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This was so refreshing to read. There will always be people who meet injustice and just get mad and start to place blame and then there are people who actually count the cost and do something anyway. I loved this and I plan to dive farther in personally. I'm also gonna go deeper here. And I am well aware I may get eaten alive. But it's worth a discussion. 

It's one thing to oppose something like abortion. It's another to DO something. I have heard so often recently about voting one way bc of this single issue and I simply sit back and ask WHAT ARE YOU DOING to to treat the underlying issues of which abortion is a symptom? I ask not what is your party doing, but what are YOU doing? 

Are you inclusive to young people who are at risk? Do you even know any? Do you train your children in the immense responsibility of caring for others? Do you teach your girls about the value of their beings- mind, body and soul? Or are you the don't do drugs, drink or have sex patent? Do your kids understand their worth? Do they know UNCONDITIONAL love? Does your church care for orphans and widows in a tangible way or is is simply just another sermon on Sunday? Do you allow your children to associate with people at risk and invite them into your home where you may be the only Jesus they see or you you build walls? Do you mentor? Do you invest in the foster care system? Have you taken one of these precious babies in your home who some brave mom made the choice to give up to a better life? Or do you build walls, "protect your own" family, secure their "needs" better known as your desired quality of life? Have you reached out to the family near you who is doing this hard work? 

Have you sat with a pre or post abortive mom and listened as she grieves the choice she felt led to make? Do you let yourself feel the weight of her shame or do you just sit back in your self righteousness and peer over the plank in your own eye- the one that somehow allows you to think that casting a vote means you e done your part to help someone make "the right" choice? 

Are you HIDING behind a pro life vote knowing in reality you have personally done nothing else to heal the brokenness that reveals itself in the practice of abortion? 

I don't know? I think there are people who will vote and spend the rest of their lives actually getting their hands dirty, investing in the people this issue affects. I believe there are a ton of people who are out there fighting to help women make a more informed choice. But I also believe there are also a ton of people who are using their vote as a clanging symbol and nothing else in their life really shows fruit of their conviction. In fact what their life shows is a lot of judgement, blame placing and hate. 

Do something. If you don't know what to do- this looks like an amazing place to start. 

The same people who vote bc their candidate is pro life will say things like "it's not the governments job to care for people" well to you I say a belting amen- and then I say step up. Put your hands and feet and heart in place of your mouth. Don't just vote it, live it. Put action to your conviction. Don't vote and expect the government to carry the load. 

I too choose life, but I think that leads to responsibility for ALL life. No, it's absolutely NOT the governments job to mandate it. As a believer, It is mine. It is yours. It is ours. We must be willing to take in the orphan, to mentor the young deeply broken people, to teach our children, to have a life and home  of inclusion not exclusion, to open arms to the broken and help carry the burdens of the shamed until they can get them to the cross where all is made new. 

Then change will come. But it will take far more than a fierce opinion and a vote for a candidate in office. It will take self sacrifice and the pouring out of the light of Christ in a dark, dark place. It will cost you far more than the gas it takes it to get you to the polls, or the presumed safe life you want, but it's worth it. 

Go. Be. Love.

S E V E N • D A Y S • TO • R W A N D A

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Well, it's seven days till take off and I thought I'd take this week to reflect on why it is that I'm going to Rwanda, so many of you have asked. 

Beautiful, broken, wrecked and redeemed. Sound familiar? Does to me. 

This quote by Mark Twain pretty much covers it and is a great introduction. 

To see the world is to see more of who God is and equally as important more of how real His adversary is. To be educated by books and humans, who as a whole, are mostly influenced only their limited knowledge of what they have been taught in their places and experiences, completely eliminates the magic and brilliance of the millions of other people, systems, communities and lifestyles around the globe- so beautifully and purposefully created by God and with his knowledge. It helps you to also grieve and empathize deeply with those who are suffering in places unimaginable and to see how the greed of man and the sin that was born in is destroys in epic proportions so many lives God dearly loves.  

To appreciate and understand more of Him, we need to see and experience more of Him. Hearing how He's working out brokenness in a remote village of Bugesera, Rwanda doesn't "make me feel lucky" it makes you feel connected. 

There is beauty in far away places that just can't be held until you're there. And once you've held beauty from afar, your  entire perspective shifts. Every situation, every news story, every interaction is seen through a hundred lenses at once, because now you can't just see things from your reality, but you imagine it from the hearts and minds of so many others living in far different circumstances than your own. 

You know understand how many different ways there are to see one story, one experience, you hear how beautifully one song of worship can be sung in different styles or languages and yet still be breathtaking, captivating worship! It clearly allows you to see how vast the Father's hand reaches for His children. 

I have questioned a million things about the Bible if I'm honest. Even recently, with lots of fear and doubt and uncertainty. But it all comes back to two things for me. 

1- Love God, Love People. 
All kinds of them, not just the ones who are like you, who think like you, look like you and talk like you but all of them. Yes that is broad. But love begins with an open door to ALL. How long they remain is another issue, but love begins with open doors and open minds. With a heart of generosity and with eyes who see value and worth like the Father. 

2- Jesus. He seals the deal. And if heaven's not real and this whole thing is a crock, then aiming to live a life like Jesus did is not a lost cause for me. I am sort of obsessed with him. He's my favorite. If I could have dinner with a person dead or alive- Jesus. Hands down. I want to know Him so much more, but His gift to me, that comes in place of being able to sit with Him- is sitting around a table with the people He died for, all over this great big world. I see Him in the single mom, the bus driver, the flight attendant, the pastor, the children who swarm me when I step off the bus into the red clay, the angry, broken, and abused. I see him in the eyes of the widow who faithfully cares for an entire village of kids because she believes we are one family in Him. I see him in the friends who are our family because they believe it too. I see it in the hearts that gave and made it possible for my son to have this daring adventure with Jesus and his Mamma at 9, the ones who bought vegetables from his garden, who supported our new shop, who let him out of school for two weeks with excused absences, who have high fived him and been excited for him. I see Jesus in so many people- from the bustling streets of Greenville to the dusty red clay roads of Rwanda and back again. Every face is bearing part of His persona, even if they don't know it. 

He gives me His creation to know Him more and the tenacity, faith and community to make seeing it and serving alongside the people of it possible. Jesus was a traveler, among many things and He stayed where He was welcome and dusted His soles off and moved on from where He was not. Rwanda welcomed me with open arms- literally. She brought me in, loved me so beautifully and invited me back- why oh why would I ever say no to that. Here's to knowing Him more and raising up the generation behind me to persue Jesus and the God who is the most brilliant creative, with fervor and perseverance... 

More on that tomorrow. 

Till then, love and blessings, 


S E V E N •D A Y S • 2 •R W A N D A 

Jax and The Giant Number Wall

Sunday, September 20, 2015

What are all these crazy numbers on Jax's wall you ask? 

Last year I was able to travel to Rwanda and Uganda to serve alongside two amazing organizations and as a part of another amazing business that I work in as the role of ambassador. The people who ran the organizations that I traveled with became friends and the memories of those two weeks run through my mind and leave little orangey red African clay footprints behind every single day. 

knew before I left that I would return to the clay roads of Africa. I had no idea I'd come back with my son. But, his heart has been opened to the depth of the Father's love for the world and I want to engage that while he's aware of the Spirit moving. I want him to see and feel and continue to be curious. I want to take advantage of relationships he's made with kids a cross the world and encourage them to flourish! 

This fall we are returning together to continue supporting Africa New Life in Rwanda and Sole Hope in Uganda. We'll also stop and see some other friends who are doing amazing things in their community through job creation and missional work that their bussiness now allows them to do. 

Many of you helped him believe in his dream of returning to Africa by supporting his little farming business this summer! 

You came by, encouraged him, bought vegetables and allowed him to save enough money to get his passport PLUS some! He has so much fun working in the garden this summer with his Dad and he really did take pride in earning money towards his trip! 

Our deadline is approaching Quickly. Nothing like believing God for BIG things FAST!

We need $4,500 in the next few weeks to make that happen. It's crazy- I know. Trust me, the pressure is on over here but I am BELIEVING HIM for myself and my kiddo. 

Back to the crazy numbers! 

• Every number represents a dollar amount that we need donated! 

• Every dollar amount also represents an act of kindness that will be done by Jax and I in your honor to someone in our very own community! 

There's also some fun perks assigned to all donations! 

We have an awesome bussiness, (YES BUSSINESS) opening very soon and you will receive one of these perks below with your donation! It's a fun shop, I PROMISE! 

$1-$19 will receive 10% off one HANDSTAMPED item. 
$20-$29 will receive %20 off one HANDSTAMPED item.
$30-$39 will receive 30% off one HANDSTAMPED  item.
$40-$49 will receive 40% off one HANDSTAMPED item. 
$50-$59 will receive 50% off one HANDSTAMPED  item. 
$60-$69 will receive 60% off one HAMDSTAMPED item. $70-$79 will receive 70% off one HAMDSTAMPED item. 
$80- $100 will receive ONE HANDSTAMPED ITEM FREE!

You will scroll down to the image that says GIVE TO A MISSION TEAM MEMBER like the image below. Choose our names from the drop down menu. 


Your donations never touch our hands, but instead go straight through the organization hosting us. Every donation you make empowers not only us to return and continue supporting local leaders on the ground, but it will also begin funding what we plan on being a long term partnership of empowerment in those communities.

We believe in:

Holistic care in our own communities and in communities across the world.

We know that children and adults need to have basic needs met but in order to be spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy they need education, jobs, healthcare and community development and often times, for the most victimized, they also need counseling and legal guidance. 

The beauty of what we have seen is that there are AMAZING people, like our friends, already doing that. Our dream is to connect more people to them. We want to connect you, our friends to things bigger than ourselves. We want to spend our lives and our money well, on things that matter. 

People matter. 

My son's dream is to connect kids to kids and to empower his friends to see the world and it's people the way he gets to. 

He has plans in his giant heart and I am cheering him on and doing my best to see them come to light! 

Your donations can be made here:

but please email me at: so that I can issue your matching gift certificate to the shop!

You can follow us over on Instagram and Twitter @spokenforshop to catch us on opening day! 

I can not wait to share it with you! 

Thank you for supporting us as we attempt to be obedient in chasing after Jesus. We can not do it without the work of the Spirit in our community and among His people! For it we are grateful! We can't wait to see where we journey together!

Who Are We To Say?

Friday, September 4, 2015

I can't get the image of this sweet boy washed up on the shores of some beach out of my head. I just can't. 

Who are we to say "you're not welcome here?" Who are we to lock the land of plenty we live in and throw away the key? Who are we to enjoy the privilege and abundance of this place that came to us from people JUST LIKE AYLAN AND HIS FAMILY seeking a better life? For the love of God, this land is not my own, there's room, there's opportunity. I listen to people like Donald Trump and Anne whatever her blasted name is taking about putting up walls and I burn with fire in my belly because my Jesus went to the cross to tear those down. He bled out so we could ALL be free.... Not free to hoard up the world our God created, not free to oppress, but free to bring Him glory. And that baby, with his face being smacked over and over by the waves, eyes open wide, limp and still in his sneakers- that ain't glory... That's greed, that's gluttony, that's prejudice and racism and the clearest picture from the pits of hell. That's the face of the devil and the trophy of his work. 

I can't stop crying this morning. No, I'm not proud to be an American today. Not when things like this are happening in our watch, not when we are so damn focused on our comfort that we forget humanity, not when we are so caught up in our freedoms that we completely neglect the freedoms of the people who's backs they came on, not when people are so desperate for new life that that put their families on rafts from Cuba to risk everything and we ship them back of their toe lands in six inches of water.... I'm not okay with that. I won't ever be. Those families risked more to bring oppertunity for those they love than most of us ever will- because we are privileged. 

What will it take for us to put people first. Bodies. Souls. Humanity created to do remarkable things? How many more Aylan faces will it take for us to uncallous our hearts and stop putting our own comfort first- not outer lives- our comforts. Newsflash- our kids aren't the most important children in the world- they aren't. They all matter. How are you using your voice to be a voice for change? For God's glory? #aylanslifemattered 

Now read this: factual and powerful:

For The Love of an awesome giveaway!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Launch week was a BLAST for me! 10 shows in 7 days and I dare say I met the most amazing people and had some of the most amazing God moments!

I celebrated, laughed, cried, prayed over, dreamed with and casted vision with the most beautiful, rich, all around incredible women! Thank you to Jen Hatmaker who partnered with my hostesses and gifted them a copy of FOR THE LOVE and to Noonday for gifting the awesome leather wrap made in Haiti by our artisan partners there. What a week! To celebrate, I want to give away a $50 Noonday gift card and a copy of For The Love to some lucky someone who places an order between now and Sunday! 

Maybe you aren't a big fan of purchasing for yourself, I bet you have someone in your life who could use a pick me up, a birthday gift, heck, maybe your a man reading this and your wife could use some LOVE! Message me, I can help! 

I have 10 amazing women who flung open doors to their imperfect homes to invite their imperfect friends in to hear and imperfect story of redeeming beauty from ashes. They didn't let rowdy kids, routines, dirty and dusty mantles or windows full of little fingerprints stop them for letting love in and opening the door for our artisans. They invited and women came, to have fun, to shop, to connect and to empower other women.

I am posting each hostesses link below! Choose your hostess and shop from their show today - Sunday and be entered to win the $50 Noonday gift card AND a copy of Jen's book... 

Because For the love... I love giving back to you.... You seriously will never know what it means to dream these dreams and work this job and be invested in all these amazing people WITH YOU! 

For The Love...

Of opportunity
Of family
Of friendships 
Of partnerships
Of opening doors
Of saying YES 
Of listening
Of linking arms
Of speaking life
Of shining light into darkness
Of connecting
Of inspiring and being inspired
Of empowering each other

Let's do this! Sign up to host a show before October 31st and I'll throw your name in TWICE! 

So much love for you! Copy and paste links to your browser if you can not connect to the site directly. 

Alexis McCanless Campbell

Mystery Hostess Show

This one also has hostess freebies up for grabs! I'll choose one person from this show to get the rewards! 

Allison Pust

Jennifer Rackley Chacon

Tennille Duncan Springle

Valerie Thornhill Satterfield

Ann-Marie Sanderson

Pamela Ricketts

Emily Courtney McGowan
adoption fundraiser

Jessica Paine

☀️Click link with purpose for a friend or yourself☀️

🙋🏽🙋🏻🙋🏿 say YES to hosting a show before October 31st.

🎉💙💛 You're  entered to win a $50 Noonday gift card! 🎉💙💛

Ready, Set, Go!!! 

What Are You Waiting For?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I read this a few days ago and it fanned the flame of seeking justice for me. It reminded me  WHY Noonday is so important to me. It's not pretty jewelry, although it is incredible but more than that it's opportunity, it's empowerment, it's dignified work for me and thousands of other women. 

We (you + me) aren't giving our artisan partners a VOICE or a TALENT, we are giving them ACCESS to a world that EMPOWERS them to earn a living for their WORK. 

If it bothers you to read those statistics and you have not opened your door to host a show, or made a purchase what are you waiting for? It matters. 

Did you know the ARTISAN SECTOR is the second largest job producer next to AGRICULTURE worldwide? Truth, straight from the fair trade world. If we want to fight for justice against stats like this and all the things that follow them, like sex trafficking, human slavery and child labor, lack of education and disease, we need to continue to empower the people where the  opportunity is. 

Supporting people in textiles, jewelry and accessories is where we have the largest opportunity to make a global impact because it's hard to buy fresh food from artisans in Uganda or Vietnam or Haiti- although they are amazing and organic :) 

Say YES to changing those stats. Let me come talk to you about WHY your voice matters and HOW we together are making the scale tip. Noonday alone has increased wages and household incomes of thousands of artisans in our five years. There are other companies doing awesome things as well, but this is my opportunity right NOW, to pull YOU into this opportunity to use your voice, purchasing power and INFLUENCE for good. 

If you want to be a change maker email me today or comment below and I'll contact you.  

Let's not let these numbers stay this way on our watch. Now, what are you waiting for? 

In Exchange For My Kitchen Table

Monday, July 27, 2015

You see that? It's called a kitchen table! 

I haven't seen it since June! 

So thankful for all the bellies that our little farm has fed this summer and for all of you who have supported my little farmer to get to Africa this fall. 

I've cooked more than I ever have in my entire life this summer. Not exactly what I had planned but alas... It was such a blessing. 

It has made me think of all the hands I've seen diligently plowing away at Earth broken with just a stick or makeshift trowel. Day after day, women spend their  lives cultivating the most beautiful vegetables on the sides of mountains in Haiti, heaps of color in carrots, beets, potatoes women bent over have stopped and invited me over and into their homes and spaces. Their life isn't one to pop into and to romanticize. It's hard work. Yes, it's beautiful but it isn't easy or painless, there are layers of stories within their rows of crop. I remember thinking I could never pop into their place for a day and have even a small idea of what that was like, yet they invited me in anyway. 

So this summer as I've watched my men prepare, plant, cultivate, sow and reap, I'm reminded to invite people in anyway. They will never know the totality of our story or all of our layers. They may never know exactly how hard the battle is every day, but we invite anyway. We are all fighting something. We spread out towels on our table, lay out our harvest and invite them to eat from it, to become part of our story. At first it seemed so exciting, so much a bounty, other times it felt full, crowded, a little overwhelming even. And finally on days like today, when the tables been cleared, the harvest all given out, it serves as reminder to treasure of all the stories and people love invited in. The hard work of it all isn't the point anymore, it's the inviting in, spreading out ones self and letting others come pick the parts that will nourish them the way they need to be fed. 

It's about being fed. 

It's about finding out your dear friends cancer marker dropped from the hundreds to ONE in between vegetable pick ups. It's about loading up your mail lady's mail truck with baskets of fresh corn and veggies and having her pray for your husbands recent health concerns. Insert tears. It's about getting to know new friends and having a yummy excuse to see old ones. 

It's about the pride in your son's face and how excited he gets to see what he's earned. It's about him reaching his goal to buy his passport and hearing him pull people into the world of Rwanda and the lives of the children coming to visit Sole Hope that he's going to meet. It's about appreciating your husband and being thankful for how hard he works for your family.  It's about not being to prideful to let people into your house when it smells like a fish camp bc you have been frying eggplant for Parmesan all morning long with pots and pans and kids everywhere, not to mention you haven't worn makeup in weeks. It's about letting people into the mess and realizing were all a mess. 

I'm glad to have my table back, but not just because I have a place to eat now, but because it being empty reminds me we're all more full.... of good, fresh, home grown with love food, of grace, of community and of the gift of friendship and blessing and family. 

May we never stop inviting others into the harvest. You never know what will become of it. 
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