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Welll, it's my first time..... I'm pretty excited. I thought it would be a nice way to keep you all updated with our family happenings! I'm including some recent pictures too! Lots of news this month! I am finally feeling my little "ballerina" as Jax calls her, move around! I didn't think it would ever happen. I feel great at 18 weeks- even went running/walking this am. And I've only gained about 6 pounds so that ROCKS!Brent just got promoted to Seargent 1st Class! Yipee for him! He works so hard and he definalty deserved it! He's getting ready to leave for a school in Arkansas for 2 weeks- yuck.... with every baby he's had to be gone a stint, but at least he's still in the country and not in the sandbox. He's such a fun Dad, his boys adore him and his wife is pretty crazy about him too! :)Aden is turning 4- yes 4, how in the world that happened I will never know! He is so funny! And so handsome just like his Daddy! He loves tractors- John Deere of Course and Pirates, pirates, pirates. We're gearing up for a pirate pool party at Grandma Keel's house for his birthday and then a tractor party at Stewart Farms for his Greenville friends! I just love him so much it hurts!Baby Jax is a 2 1/2 year old ball of energy and a little spitfire just like his Mommy! He's sooooo funny and he talks like he's about 6! Never stops actually. He's the most fun kid. He loves to copy his big brother and they are the best of friends! I can't imagine one without the other, and I must say- way handsome little boy. I may not have done alot of things well in life, but Brent and I sure did good in the cute baby dept.Baby #3 has taken us all by surprise, more than once! I'm still in denial according to some, due to the irrational thought that I couldn't conceive a girl ever........ I'm terrified that I will warp her for life. Girls are so, you know girliee.... all that drama all those emotions, whew, I'm excited, but still terrified. She is due to arrive December 2nd and has no name as of yet. The boys have something new everyday! Jax calls her the ballerina because I told them she was dancing in my tummy!
Most everyone knows that Mom has been throught the Breast Cancer ringer since Nov of 07. She is doing well now, done with Chemo and done with reconstruction for now due to many complications with infections. She had to stop the process, but she is feeling so good and I think a little break in surgeries and procedures and hospitalization is much needed. She will start over after Caki's wedding in September. She's seeing and infectious disease doc to help her for a new game plan to hopefully make roudn two reconstruction much more successful. As for now she's rockin her Jaime Lee Curtis hair cut and is back to her crazy self. God was so very merciful in her sitaution and we are all so greatful!Anywhoooo... enjoy the pictures, until next time..Love and Blessings, The Cobb Family

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