Mary Cohen's Dedication

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mary Cohen and her namesakes, Grandma Keel and Pat Cohens. Pat was my teaching partner at Wade Hampton when I taught there. She taught me so much about who I wanted to be in lfe and who I didn't want to be. She taught me so many other pricesless lessons that I am so forever greatful for. I have no doubt that without her, I would not have ended up the person I am today. I was placed in that job because God knew I needed her, there's not a doubt in my mind about that. She is my angel, my mentor, my sister, and my friend!
My Grandma is so special to me. She has always given me the gift of time........ Time to love, time to laugh, time to bake christmas cookies in July, time to share stories, time to look back and forward, time to cry, time to just feel like the only thing that was important was that vey moment. Those times have been priceless to me. I always emember my Dad saying that I should spend more time with mt grandparents because they wouldn't always be there, boy am I glad I have. Those times spent are absolutly irreplacable and my grandparents are truly blessings in my life. There's a special relationship between grandparents and granchildren and I am blessed to see that to fruition in my children and my parents now as well. I have prayed for years that my children would know my grandparents, and God in all of his greatness has granted me that sweet, sweet gift. So in giving both of my children names from their great grandparents, I hope they will know how much love is represented in them. I love you........

The greatest grands in the world! Pop Pop and Gigi! We were so excited to see them, it's been too long! Don't they look so happy? I think they are falling in love all over agian!

Aden's look a like. Scary, he acts like her too!!!!

My Wade Hampton Co teachers Eddie and Pat, Ginny and my neighbor Carmen just after dedication. Not sure what we are all laughing at, no telling..........

Surrounded by our family and friends at the dedication. What a special feeling to look around and see al the people God has chosen just for us, to love, support and encourage us on our journey!

Yummy, yummy Strossners cake on Mrs. Tennile's beautiful silver tray that was so much fun to polish........ I'm hoping she will leave it out for a while when I return it, after the work it took to get it that shiny! Ha!
Wow, I can't believe that we didicated our sweet girl today. It seems as if just yesterday, we were bringing her home from the hospital. I was such a good day! Mom, Dad, Grandma, Papa, Johnathan and Caki all came up for the special day. Some other very special people there were Pat, Eddie and Geni, Donna and Jim, Jim and Susan, The Nickols Family, Mrs. Alexis, Addie Reese, Grayson, The O'Leslie's and lots more of our church friends. Pastor Randy prayed for Daddy to show Mary Cohen a strong man, so that she would know who to choose as a mate and for Mommy a quiet and gentle spirit. I've got some work to do there! He also prayed for our entire family to support her as she grows and for Brent and I to be completely surendered to Christ.

The funny moment of the day came from sweet baby Jax who after catching a glimpse of our guitarist who happens to have long brown hair and a mustache said "MOM THERE'S GOD!" He looked like he was both terrified and excited all at the same time. It was hilarious! So sweet!

After the service we all met at Arizona steakhouse for lunch! It was so, so good and so good to catch up with everyone. I was so happy to have everyone all together to celebrate the life of our sweet girl. I was especially glad to look around at all of the stong women among us. I pray that my sweet girl will grow to become one of them and that she will be a light to this world.
The pictures were not so good from the dedication, but here are just a few! Going to try to get some better ones this afternoon!

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