Well, I'm starting to think I live the best life on the planet...... My sweet little boys are so cute. Last night while I was upstairs sewing I heard Jax coming up saying" I love you with all my heart" over and over. When he made it to me, I looked up and he had cut a heart out of play dough and handed it to me. He said "Here Mom, I made this for you, I love you with all my heart." PRICELESS!!!!!!!! Oh How my heart smiled! He is so sweet! Then he helped me finish sewing MC a pilowcase dress, which I must say turned out quite well!
Then this moning, Aden was outside playing with his Daddy and he came in with a daffodil and said, "Mom this is for you because I love you." Again, PRICELESS!

As fo Mary Cohen, she's a perfect angel! I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams having such amazing babies! She is so easy going and laid back. She is sleeping though the night most nights, and has only really cried a handful of times. I mean she wimpers every now and then, but honestly, she never cries and when she does I go immediatly into panic mode, because I don't know what's wrong. She has started to really ohh and ahh and squeal alot! She loves to play pat a cake and ride the horsie. She also loves it when Aden and Jax sing to her- Jax always sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Aden sings Old Mac Donald. It's so sweet. They are really good with her. I was afraid it would be a constant battle to keep them from "loving" her to roughly or wanting to pick her up etc, etc, but they are great! They ae so potective of her and they just LOVE it when it's their tun to hold her. They even read her books and do "shows" for her in full costumes! It's precious.

Aden is learning to read in K4. It's amazing what all he has learned this year. He's adjusted to school much better now, ice cream Fridays have worked wonders in that dept. He is getting so tall and all of his shirts are too short in the sleeves and the waist. Time to go shopping again, that boy grows like a weed! He is still in love with all things GREEN, tractors, trucks, horses, everythign farmlike. He says he's gonna be a farmer one day....... we'll see, that boy sure does love it though.

Jax is HILARIOUS........ you never know what will come out of his mouth. I mean really. He loves school, LOVES to read books and has a girlfiend named Ella. She's precious. He told me one day last week that he didn't know if he could wear his new shoes to school because Ella might not like them....... I almost flipped...... He's 3, and he's already thinking things like that? Geez, he will surely always keep us on our toes. He too is learing so much from school. His teacher is also his sitter sometimes so he has a super special relationship with Mrs. Alisha. He loves to help me do anything and eveything, he just wants to be involved. He is such a good listener and he is really a big help to me with the baby, I've found it really makes him happy to feel like he's got some important jobs, so I try to keep that going. We go on a date every Wednesday to Panera. It's geat to get that time with him all by himself and he thives on it! I feel like he didn't get alot of that when he was smaller because I had a very active toddler running around. Everyone at Panera knows who we are and Jax has a little crush on the manager. He gets all bashful when she comes over to talk to him, but then he talks about her all day long. It's funny,

Brent is doing well with the "putting people in boots" part of his job these days. He and Sgt. Nickols are working well as a team and we see him alot more. He's very excited that he leaves for jump school at Ft. Benning next month. Jumpin out of planes, yippppeee!!!!! NOT SO MUCH for me, but whatever floats your boat! I am happy for him, he's been waiting on this oppertunity for a long time! So although I am sooooo not excited about the weeks he'll be away, I am so excited that he gets to finally go to jump school!

I am doing well. Just running kids around, and trying to keep up with the new pace of life with three little ones. I've lost all of the baby weight whew hoooo..... 42 lbs in 12 weeks, not bad I don't think. NOw it's just time to tone it back up- that my friends has not yet happened. I'm sad to say, I had started training for a race, but after our bouts of illness in Feb, that didn't last long, I'm hoping that now that we have some more daylight hours I can really get to it. I'm doing the Marine Run in May with Brent, Thomas and Tonya so we have got to get in ship shape. I love being a girl Mommy! Did I just say that out loud? Yes, I did, who would have thought? Not me for sure, but I'm loveing making all these cute girl things. And she's just different, I mean they all are, but she's just really different! I love our family and am so perfectly content with the way we've ended up~ 5 is my new favorite number!

I'm setting up a family share album through Shutterfly. It will allow you to view our latest picures and orde them as well! It's a great free tool, check it out!

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