Saturday, April 25, 2009

The boys were so proud to show off their work!

Aden, Jax and Friends

Mommy's baby boy! Love him to pieces!

Mrs. Ginga'(Ginger), Jax and Mrs. Alisha

Jax's very best friend Ella. She will go down as the first little girl who stole my baby boys heart away! She told her Mommy on the way to school that she couldn't wait to see Jax cause she was his princess! How sweet! We were very sad to find out that Ella is moving to GERMANY with her family in August! Jax is really going to miss her! Her Daddy is in the Air Force and they are beign relocated! This makes me so sad for him! A hard, hard lesson in military life. Is she not beautiful?

My oh my how did my baby ge so big? WOW!

Aden and Mrs. Debbie! Can you tell how much he loves her?

Aden and Jax had an art show at school last night. It was so much fun to see all of the special things they have been working on since the beginning of school! Aden and Jax were both so proud to show their Gigi both their work and their teachers! It really does my hear good to see how much they are loved by the people they spend their school days with. I prayed so hard for teachers that would truly love my boys and I got the best ones ever! Aden absolutly adores Mrs. Debbie as you can tell. He is my sweet, tender, loving and very needy of hugs and kisses child. Mrs. Debbie hands them out as fast as he can request them!

Mrs. Ginger and Mrs. Alisha are FANTASTIC too! Mrs. Alisha has become really special to us too. She babysits for us a few hours on Monday and Thursday when the boys are not in school. This gives me the oppertunity to run errands and spend some alone time with the boys individually. They each get a day and we go on a lunch date or do something else special. It's been so much fun to have them one on one and they really enjoy being the center of attention! Jax always asks me why Mrs. Ginga' as he calls her, can't coem to our house too. I tried to explain that she has 4 of her own kids to take care of, but it doesn't seem to click, so she may just have to pay us a visit soon.

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  1. Just took a minute to actually read your post, not just skim the pics. =)You're so very sweet! I just love having Jax too. He's a sweetie, just like his mama. Summer's coming, and hopefully our schedule will let up some....


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