Where does the time go?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wow, my sweet boys being sweet! Easter Sunday 2009 at Grandma Keel's House

Missing Daddy who is at Airborne School. He seems to always miss Easter!

Waiting on Dr. Whitt!

Crazy Hair Day! Waiting for Mom to fix my first bites of cereal! Yum! Yum!

Really, where does the time go? I took my baby girl for her 4 motnh check up this week! How did that happen? She has gotten so big! 15 lbs and in the 89th percentile for weight and 79th for height! Her poor brothers never made it out of the 30's! She has double rolls on her thighs and her wrists look like they have elastic tied around them, and her neck, well we think she has one somewhere under that chin! Boy she is a chubby little thing! Dr. Whittenburg took one look at her and asked her if I had been feeding her steak and gravy or grits and eggs! He kept telling me what a beautiful baby she was, but I already knew that! She is trying her best to sit up already. She almost has it, maybe by the time Daddy gets home she'll have it perfected! She's sleeping well again, napping GREAT! I have gotten in 4 yes 4 3 HOUR naps with she and the boys this week! God is soooooooo good to me! I can't imagine what life would be like if my kids didn't nap. What a great way to spend the afternoon! :)

So we are now eating cereal, well she's eaten it 3 times now and she's starting to warm up to the idea, she wasn't so sure about it at first. Jax and Aden really want to feed her, but Jax seems to only aim for the nose, so we've had to postpone that for a while. They are still so, so good with her. They play a little rough around her sometimes, but for the most part they are really good to her! They are so protective of her and so incredibly proud of her. No jelousy at all! I'm trying really hard to give each of them thier own time so I think it's helped tremendously!

Aden is very excited about going to 5K next year and about turning 5! I mean he has months before either of these things happen, but he is excited none the less. He is learning to read in school which amazes me. He loves his teachers and his school friends.....no girls by the way, only boys! His class recently got two turtles in their room and they named them Slip and Slide! How cute is that! But of all the things I have enjoyed him learning at school this year, his excitement of learning about Jesus is the BEST! He gets sooooooo excited and he knows so much! I often find his sitting with Jax or the baby and telling them bible stories or singign Bible songs! He's taught Jax a ton this year! To hear him describe from beginning to end this year the story of the crucifixion and the resurection brought tears to my eyes more times than I can tell you! He really understands that Jesus died for us and that it was because we do bad things that seperate us from God. He's started telling me alot that he LOVES Jesus and God and he can't wait to go to heaven "where the streets are gold and there are those pearly round things and where you can ride tractors all day and never sleep!" WOW! If only I could be that passionate about God all the time! How happy that would make HIM! This does follow a long bout of him not wanting to live with Jesus........ He put together last month that you have to die to go to heaven and this really upset him for a few weeks, he would ask about it daily and it was a little scary I think, but after lots of reassurance he now can't wait to go to heaven and be with Jesus!

As for my sweet Jax you just never know what that sweet boy is going to say! He is soooooooo stinking cute all the time. He is my daily splash of joy! I had banned gum in my house b/c I just didn't want to have to deal with it, didn't want to cut any hair b/c of it, or have any clothes ruined........then the grandparents happened, then the great grandparents happened and what do you do then? You LOOSE of course! So they got to chew gum, but only at the grandparents house! Well Easter Sunday Jax had gum on the way home from church and when we got him out of the car he had strung the gum everywhere......... I was livid and I went into a long rant about how he would never get gum again, blah, blah, blah, he sat there staring at me terrified and when I was done he looked up at me with those HUGE blue eyes and said "Mommy do you still love me?" I looked at my Mom who was swooning and tears filled my eyes... "I'll love you forever and ever and ever, no matter what" I said to him and then added......but you still don't get anymore gum! The super cool part of this story is that he had been listening to the sermon at church! The preacher told a story of a boy who got in trouble with his MOm and then asked her if she still loved him! Even when you don't think they are paying attention they are! WoW!

Jax loves his school too! He has really grown into a little boy this year! It's so hard to belive. I look at him with awe and wonder why in the world God chose me to bless so abundantly. I think of the odds we faced while he was in the womb. I remember researching Vasa Previa and seeing the statistics for survival if labor were to at any time begin spontaniously. There was a 97% chance of fatality for the mother or the baby! I was so so afraid of loosing this baby that I was so fourtunate to be carrying! All of those days hooked up to the NST lisening to that precious heartbeat and now he is a walking, tallking, ball of fire who will be 4 this year! WOW! I am so blessed to have 3 healthy children! Jax loves to tease everyone from his sister to his Great Grandma! He's a joker and he loves to laugh and smile. His little face can light up a room in a second and his spirit is so so sweet. He's so thoughful and so caring. I am so proud to have him as a son! He loves his Daddy and his Daddy's jeep and his Daddy's truck and his Daddy's army tanks and his Daddy's guitar and his Daddy's fish........ anything to do with his Daddy! They are best buds!

As for Brent and I we are just loving the life we have. It's been a little overwhelming for me to try and divide myself 4 ways! I feel a little frazzled most of the time, but I've vowed to stop and enjoy what I've waited my whole life to have. I don't want to spend a second regretting the fact that I didn't enjoy my children and my family. I wanted to be a Mom so badly and I've decided in recent weeks that we spend way too much time trying to do it all so to speak and we miss out on what we wanted so badly in the first place. So for now, I don't want to just be a Mom a wife or a friend, I want to be a GREAT mom, a FABULOUS wife and a CLOSE friend. No more setteling for what just gets the job done. I challenge you to give it a try and do the same.

It doesn't matter how many cookies you have in the cookie jar if you're not dunking them in milk with someone else, and they don't taste nearly as good eaten on the run! So slow down a little with me and enjoy the now! With Love and Blessings, Manda

My new life verse......

James 1:27

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and falutless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneslf from beign polluted by the world.

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