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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wow! Where has it gone? I remember wishing my life away at 17 wanting every day to go by faster and faster so that I could get to where I am right now. Now I just wish I could put it all on pause! It's funny to be in the place you have waited your whole life to be! Being a Mommy and having my own little family is the greatest blessing ever! My husband is way better to me than I deserve and my kids are amazing....... Really, you all know them- they are perfect! Ha! Ha! I didn't think I'd ever say it, but I love being a "girl mommy". Not that I am the typical frilly girl Mom, casue we all know that just isn't ever gonna fly, but I love her so much and so differently. My boys also still hold a very different and specail place in my heart. There is nothing like a little boy's love for his Mommy. And right now, my boys have love overflowing for their Momma! Thank you God! I'm stockpiling for the days when I become uncool!

Being a wife is hard! Very hard, I never feel like I can get it right. It doesn't help that I'm narried to Super Husband. I mean really, the man is as close to perfect as they come. He is so so good to me and to the boys and he doesn things most husbands wouldn't even think of. The MOmmy thing comes so naturally, but the wife thing not so much! I love my husband dearly, don't get me wrong, maybe it's the switching gears thing that is so hard. It's hard to feel "womanly, wiferly, or whatever elsely" after you have been Mommy all day. But I'm working on it! I'm trying to get back the healthy, fit old me! I'm addicted to the gym, sometimes going two times a day. Have fallen back in love with running and do it religiously. Brent has been my trainer so we are getting some us time back! I feel so much better about me and I'm starting to find the Non Mommy version of me again. Now when I'm rocking that Nike Model body I'll be really happy! Ha! Ha! Unfortunatly I'm still battling my love for food and most of it not so healthy food. I know it is all a process though, baby steps....

Well Now For My Kiddo update. I now have 3 mobile children! Mary Cohen is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. She will be walking in no time I'm sure! She has two pearly white bottom teeth and mre coming right behind them! She can say Da Da, Wa Wa, Yeah and Hey! Good Southern Words. Now if we could get Go Tigers it would be all good! :) She looks like her Daddy with those huge eyes and long eyelashes. She's also got he and Jax's little round nose. Her brothers adore her and fight over her constantly. Sometimes I'm scared she's getting smothered! She had her first sinus infection and the croup a few weeks ago. Not cool at all. Many nights of only 2 or 3 hours sleep made for a very grumpy Mom. Luckily tru to her nature she remained peppy and smiley even with lack of sleep! She is the perfect baby, so happy, so sweet and such a blessed surprise! We truly can't image life without her!

Aden Bug turned 5! WOW, WOW, WOW! My firstborn miracle child is now 5! To think of all we have been through in these past 6 years is so humbling! He is truly the most tender, sweet and compassionate kid I've ever met. He has an "old soul" even at 5! I will be posting birthday pictures soon! He is so excited about going to Kindergarten. He will be going back to Calvary next year and then to 1st grade at Bethel. We decided that Calvary was best for K5 b/c Jax will be there for K3 as well. We may be eating beans after tuition, but it will be worth it for him to be there one more year! It's an amazing program. He is so sad that Mrs. Debbie won't be his teacher again, but I know that his new teacher will love him just as much! He still thinks the sun and moon rise and set on his Pop Pop's head and loves going to the farm and driving the tractors! HE's a total country boy! Wants to be a cowboy!

And then there's Jax! My little ball of excitement and smiles! He is one fun kid and you never know what is coming! He too loves his baby sister to death and really is having a ball being the older brother! He's so sweet to her and he tells her all the time how sweet and precious she is! She's not going to have any lack of confidence around these two! Jax is a free spirited wonder! He has a VERY vivid imagination and I love listening to him pretendin' as he says so often. he loves the farm too, but he likes the small bue tractor, the green one is too loud! He loves to ride horses and talks about them all the time. He just went to his first rodeo with Pop and Gigi and he had a blast! Wants to be a cowboy army guy......... HUm..... I guess his Daddy did so can he! He asks lots of God questions lately. It's amazing watching all of our little seeds startign to grow in him. I just can explain him well enought o give him credit. He is yet another one of God's sweet blessings I am so unworthy of but oh so greatful for! hard to belive he's halfway to 4!

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