Wow! That's about all I can think of for how busy we've been and how much has happened in our little world recently. Brent is finally home from all of his schools...... YIPEE!!!!!! No more being gone for a while. I am glad to no longer be a single parent. He enjoyed jump school, but said it was the most challenging school yet. He got 5 jumps in and he's ready for some more! The boys were so excited to have him home! So was his little girl! She is a total Daddy's baby!

Aden is about to turn 5! How in the world did that happen? I am clueless! He has learned to swim this summer with his Dad, which is his big claim to fame right now. He is gearing up for his birthday party this year which will be a full scale army bootcamp in my back yard with 20 of his closest buds! We are building an obstacle course and have a hummer from the armory paying him a special visit! How cool is that? This should be very cool!

Jax is a sweet ball of fire as always! Man he's got the sweetest little voice still.... He has enjoyed the summer and is loving helping out with his little sister. He's right behind Aden in the pool, actually swims better, just can't dog paddle for air yet. But he's making great strides! He says the darndest things too, you really just never know. He loves to go on dates with me to "wheelbarrow" AKA Cracker Barrel. He's getting taller by the minute and is very excited about our newest adoption........

We filed to adopt a Springer Spaniel about a month ago and are hoping to bring one home soon. The boys read the website every day looking for that perfect one. ESRA is the rescue we are going through and they have the most precious babies in the world there! Jax and Aden are very anxious to have a dog.... so are Mommy and Daddy. Every kid needs a dog!

Miss Mary Cohen is a ball of excitement in her own righ too! IN the past week, she has cut her bottom let tooth, learned to say Wa- Wa and Da Da and is crawling all ovet the place. She has coem to look just like a miniture Brent with his big eyes, they are brown like Mommy's though. She is also moving EVERYWHERE on all 4's!

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