One In A Million

Sunday, March 27, 2011

WELCOME! I have been so moved and changed over the past year or so and I wanted to give a place for those inspirations and motivations to call home so that they could hopefully inspire and empower and encourage others. I find such amazement in how God can take such a broken, messed up, sinful, completely clueless person like me and transform her into something HE sees as worthy to do HIS work. So may people don't ever grasp that that is true for them, somehow we get complacent, we go through life living day by day, doing good stuff, but never stopping to think that there has to be more. Be warned, this new found purpose and passion comes with great heartache and pain. I look at the people I admire most for thier selfless unwaivering faith and I realized they have been asked to carry a load of grief. For a while I would consciously NOT ask for that kind of faith or passion because I knew if I did I would be accoutable for that new challenge. It would be like asking for trouble to kick me in the face. Then I stumbled upon Esther. One of those people I admired most was teaching in and Lord knows I had missed her sweet face in my life. I plopped myself down one Wednesday night at the feet of Jeannie and Lynne and I am sure God laughed out loud! I had genuinly wanted to dig deeper and grow more, but I did not intend on God stirring in me the passion that he did through that study. He took my life and turned it upside down and shook....... He affirmed in me the desires of my heart, he planted in me an insurmountable desire to trust God for everything, and to be as fearless and bold and PATIENT as Esther was, waiting for :"such a time as this".

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