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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So, I've taken the plunge, I've created a new blog for reasons that you can read about in my about me section. I decided to leave the old posts on instead of recreating one from scratch because I like looking back over the journey! So, to catch you up to speed from July 2009 to now, I will simply add in little treasures of that journey with each new post. As I stated, this has been a process. I look back to my graduation from college, that first job that I would have never chosen in a million years, but absolutly LOVED and I take a deep breath. That was the beginning for me. I was placed in a classroom of kids society deemed unteachable and we all learned ALOT together! I realized that in the brokeness of these kids lay the deep desire to be loved, to be successful and to be wanted. I was immersed in a world I had never ever experienced and I found that beauty lies in ashes. I am so thankful that God positioned me there. That is where my passion began to develop. 10 years and many, many life experiences later we have a son we never thought we would have and we are BLESSED to be his parents. I just can't help but wonder what life would be like without that first experience teaching. I would have never been immersed into a culture of kids who were so hungry for attention, for acceptance, for love. So, to skip forward to now... we recently became a family of 6! Robert and I's path's crossed and there was an instant connection. We spent a week together at beach camp where we were both allowed to be very transparent with one another. Brent and I continued to mentor him for the next year and in December of this year, we realized that Robert was already a part of our family. We had been doing weekend visits with him for two months. Then it was as if we dreadded them because we hated saying good-bye on Sunday. We loved him, our kids adored him and he them. We couldn't keep leaving him. It was horrible... We had been wrestleing with God asking all the normal questions about how we could do it all, how we could provide and everywhere we turned we saw provision, affirmation and with certainty we knew it was again time to Let Go and Let God. We started paperwork to get have him full time and within a few weeks Robert came to us on March 31st very unexpectadly. We had no idea that we would get him so soon, we had no licence, but when we got the call to ask if we were ready, Brent simply said "tell him to pack his bags, he's coming home." I can't even describe all the emotions that go into hearing those words when you have prayed and cried and begged and pleaded. I will fill in the details of all that later, but this brings you up to speed on our newest blessing. Aden, Jax and Mary Cohen now have a big brother whom they idolize. Watching the four of them together makes my heart want to leap out of my chest. We laugh often and say that Mary Cohen and Robert surely knew eachother before they were born because they have the same mischevious twinkle in thier eyes. :) Make no mistakes, this journey has not been easy, nor does it continue to come without challenges and heartache. We are so endebted to all the wonderful friends we have here in Simpsonville and Greenville who see the vision and who love us and love Robert. People who have been drawn so closely together over and through his story and his coming to be a part of our family. Our Church at Simpsonville First Baptist who walks the walk. Our pastor and his wife, our C4 class, the Carter's, my best girls :), my bible study sisters and countless others that have reached out and lifted up! These people are crazy!!! I mean that in a Crazy Love way they will all understand! Through all of that though we have found peace in knowing that we are no longer in conflict with ourselves over who we are and what we are to be doing right now. God placed Brent and I in positions leading up to this very season where we would be prepared for this season with our family. We each have found that there is absolutly JOY in obedience. Joy gives you strength to keep fighting for what you believe in, to keep perservering and doing good, to keep holding on when everything around you is trying to tear you apart. And true JOY comes from being at the center of God's perfect will for your life... Here's to hoping our friends and family get to expereince that same kind of joy! :) Love and Blessings

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