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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An awesome article a friend posted this am via the New York Times. And I'd venture to say that the message is for more generations than those graduating from college. Awesome read.

Two of my favorite points from the article...

"Most people don't form a self and then lead a life. They are called by a problem, and thier self is constructed gradually by thier calling."

We are nothing without our life experiences and our relationships with other people. It is our experience in life that draws us into the people we are. How then can we expect to "find our purpose" if we limit our experiences? You can't expect to know who you are without first putting yourself out there to be found.

I also like the paragraph where the author speaks on the fact that we are told to seek joy and happiness. I've been thinking alot about this one lately too. Why is it from a Christian perspective that the people of the Bible who's stories intrigue and facinate and inspire us the most are the people we least imitate as a whole? The things we admire about them aren't how happy they were, how much joy they had, but as this autor states, 'the things that compel our admiration are the things they did to court unhappiness. The things that were ardurous and miserable, the things that cost them friends and aroused hatred. It's excellence not happiness we admire most."

Think of Noah, he built an ark when there was no rain, how he must have been mocked and thought of as crazy. Then there's David.. when you take the story for it's reality and not the watered down kid version, he was bold, he was a risk taker, he was violent and he was a kid. He wasn't skipping through the streets with joy.. That's not why we admire him. Then there's Abraham.. what do you think people thought of him as he lay his son on the alter? Or Queen Esther as she approached the King with her request. These people were the movers and shakers... Why are we teaching out children that a life of meaning and value and legacy is all about them being happy, safe, comfortable? And why are we not living more boldly when we as Christians have the same power and wisdom and knowledge as these Biblical heros we admire. We are settling for FAR less than we were created for.

I will have many epic fails as a parent, but I hope and pray that my children won't grow up trying to find themselves from a self centered approach. I hope they will do so through many life experiences where feel a need to make a difference, where they see a problem and trust in thier God given strength and wisdom to change it. I pray that they remember who they are in Christ first, and that they always put that responsibility first. I pray through their journey into themselves that they leave a legacy to leave many generations to follow. I do wish them much joy, much happiness and much love, but more than that I wish for them to find beauty in brokenness and a sence of humility and resposnsibility for the world and community of people around them. It really isn't about us, but what God can do through us!

Love and Blessings,

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