A is for Art and B is for Breadsticks

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One thing about the Summer Schedule is that each week we are going to be incorperating Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Sports and Scripture and Service. This was Art day! We did several activities with the color wheel and blending colors.. The kids LOVE to paint! I must admit Art is my favorite too! Then there came snack time. They took breadstick dough and wrote thier names and although Aden only gave me a tiny piece of his A, Jax gladly offered up his entire middle letter for Mamma... That boy is a precious little soul.... Always ready to give it all away, I hope and pray he stays that wise! And bless her heart, we ran out of dough for Mary Cohen, not that she ever gets called that anyway, it's CoCo these days, man I love that smile!
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