Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can't say much for the poses, but the kids I can speak a world of love over. My heart holds so many hopes and dreams for each of you. I will forever be greatful for your presence in the life of my family. I hope that wherever the road leads, that in our hearts we will remember... Sunday's like this one playing ball in the park, boiled peanuts in plastic cups(microwaved for you northern southerners), long talks about crazy girls, nights of clinging to eachother because it was where we felt safe, and tossing the littles around until they laughed so hard they couldn't breath. I hope we remember pain must come before healing, joy comes in obedience, and Jesus is the only one who can fully restore us. I hope we will never forget the grace and circumstance that brought us together and the one who hold all the unseen pieces in HIS hands. You three have the world ahead of you and the life experience behind you to give you a reminder that better isn't on the other side, it's on the inside all you have to do is tap into it. I am just so humbled and greatful to be Mom... From my heart to yours. I will always love you for you, not for who you were or what you'll become..just for who you are.....I look forward in anticipation to see where God takes us all! Always, always remember that no matter how much I love you, God loves you so so much more.

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