camp seven s'more

Monday, July 11, 2011

i have just recovered somewhat from the unexplainable fun we had this weekend at camp seven s'more for aden's 7th birthday. I have been editing photos for a little while now and had to share these three. i absolutly couldn't wait! first of all, the crew of boys that camped out with us were ****awesome**** we could not have asked for a better time, maybe better weather but then again hills in the woods are much more fun to slide down when they are muddy :) then photo #2 of mc and lane absolutly brings joy bubbling all the way out of my heart! how stinkin sweet are these two! i love the simplicity of the moment. and then #3 sweet jax and addie reese. i love this for so many reasons... I pray that when they are older they will be doing the same thing. I can see them at 16 or so kicked back on a dock fishing and watching the stars. these two kiddos love each other and i hope their friendship continues to be sweet, and that they will look back in 30 years at these kinds of photos and have a hundred more stories to add to this one :)
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