Keep Calm And Shine On

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mary Cohen, my precious baby girl started Calvary this year. I found a shirt for her that said Keep Calm and Shine On. In reality that is my wish for all of us. Whatever life throws our way, I want to have the ability to walk calmy and confidently through it and shine on in the process. This beautiful girl, that I NEVER imagined having has brough more joy to our life that we could ahve ever imagined. Supposedly she is alot like her Mamma. I tend to see that... alot! :) She is spunky, sweet, tough as nails and as tender hearted as can be. She never stops... there is always something to be explored or discovered. She doesn't take no well, but as challenging as it is now I am hoping she keeps her sense of wonder and sponteneity. She is a gift and I love being her Mamma! Thank you God for giving me this little person I never knew I needed. She teaches me alot about life every single day and she reminds me how much the world needs all that positive energy and smile! Love you sweet baby girl! SHINE ON......

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