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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kyler Bug.. Jax's Partner in K5 Crime :)

We made it to AJ Whittenberg and we are LOVIN it! I have so enjoyed being able to be at the school this year with Aden and Jax now that Priss Pot is going to Calvary three mornings a week. Jax is finally getting some special Mom school attention and he loves it! I am co room mom to his sweet class this year and I love those babies already! He has some super fun friends in his class! I love, love, love his teachers, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Tidmarsh, even though Mrs. Taylor is from Columbia and a gamecock :) She is absolutly a wonderful teacher so we are giving her grace on the tecm choice! Jax and Kyler got it the same class and that is double trouble, double fun! Those sweet boys make my heart melt! Thank you God for the ability to be a full time MOMMY! I love it! There is no greater more rewarding job on the planet. I am so so richly blessed!

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