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Saturday, July 21, 2012

here I am again, almost a year since my last post. and wow what a year. I read it with a soft spot in my heart and much anticipation in my soul. I am learning that God is increasing his blessing on my life and the life of my family with each and every expereince he allows us. we have grown so much this year and we have experienced much goodess as well as heartache. we have celebrated so many things and God has truly broken our hearts again for the things that break His. This time He stretched me to the country of Haiti... A world away from here in so many ways, yet so many similarities tie us as well. Mary Cohen is growing into the most fun little thing I have ever experienced! I could breathe her in most days! I really can't believe how good I have it! My children are amazing little works of art, so unique and so much a gift!

I am attaching some photos to this post of some of my favorite moments of the year since my last post. Then I'll break down some of those amazing moments in my crazy beautiful life ;)

#1 Jax's new friends at AJ... What a special K5 class!

 #2 Family fall getaway to Charleston...

#3 My Wednesday night girls... Never ever dreamed of having such a close group of girlfriends who are the real deal... These girls bless me beyond belief! 

 #4 Fourth Annual Party At The Patch- Stewart Farms is the Best!!

#5 CLEMSON BEATS AUBURN... Sorry Robin and Brannon, you made the shirts look much better! :) Nothin but love for these two! We are broken from the same insane mold!

#6 I somehow gave birth to a princess.... My Lord, thank you for this precious girl!

#7 Another of my favorite shots from our family trip Chucktown... LOVE this message!

#8 Island Of Tortuga... Off the coast of Haiti... Loved the time I shared with this girl...

#9 More AJ fun! Jax's end of the year school play with Danielle and Madison :)

#10 Mary Cohen and her precious teachers! Love, love, love these ladies!

#11 Dirty fingers and fresh tomatoes from our garden!! 

#12 Date Night with Jax! Starbucks and Barnes and Noble :)

#13 Happy New Beginning Jax! One of the sweetest days of my life!

#14 Aden figuring out just how much he loves the water!!! 

#15 Just anther day in the park...............

#16 My Terrific Kid... Chosen for his compassion for all people.... Can I get an AMEN!

#17 Frazee.... A little glimpse into what I think heaven looks like!
#17 Feild Day Awesomness :)

#18 Love this face... So so my little mc :)

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