Redemption's Cost

Monday, October 1, 2012

I was the lost cause, I was the outcast....

How many times have I thought those things in my mind. I love the song Jesus Friend Of Sinners... It brings me back to redemption and what it costs me to have been redeemed. My redemption has nothing to do with me. The truth of Jesus spilling out his life for me in agony really has much less to do with me than I would like to believe some days. Because you see, some days I want to just sit and vegetate and fill my mind with meaningless things, and that's where the devil likes me. Sometimes I get tired of caring so deeply. I want to take my brain out, set it beside my bed and sleep without dreaming of brokenness that stirs inside my heart for so many, myself included. But because of this Holy discontent, I can't do that, not for very long anyway. I can't simply just sit and waste time on things that don't matter. And spending time "resting my heart" doesn't really matter to God. Redemption presses us into situations where others are literally dying to see the light, to belong, to believe... in something bigger than the here and now. And they are everywhere....

I spent some time this week with someone I have just had the awesome opportunity to cross paths with. I made the comment to her that God is so precise when he allows people to weave together their messes. It's like redemption all over again!  One thing I love about this new friend is that she holds nothing back. Redemption is real to her to and she gets that it costs us something. She simply lives with a craving spirit to love.  It's encouraging to just be around her. She gets tired too, but she doesn't get so tired that she quits. She and I relate to the "got a couple dents in my fenders and rips in my jeans" lyrics that scream out a girls journey to piece all the mess back together.

Only after a short time I realize that my favorite artist are abstract... the unclear, the thought provoking, the crazed, the mad, the messy...Without my mess redemption would have not come.Without my mess I would not have any ripped strands to weave into someone elses brokenness.  I would be rested, safer,  maybe more sure of myself and my abilities and talents and maybe a little more relaxed to the common eye.

But in my spirit,  with my ripped jeans, dented emotions, tired eyes and heavy heart there is a richness of grace and mercy that pours freely when I think of the redemption from all the mess. And that turns to joy, and joy gratitude and gratitude to generosity! And when I can give of myself even if it's all I got left, my soul finds rest better than any good nights sleep.

As I thing about the rest of the song, Jesus friend of sinners, I can not image the peace and joy Jesus felt as he wove himself into so many messes. So many people he was able to give himself to, even when it took all he had..

Oh the joy that's coming when we one day meet the ultimate outcast,
the one who was ripped,
the one who's hands and feet and sides were dented....
for my redemption and for yours.


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