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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just six days till the launch of the new Spring line! Here's another look!!
All hostesses will receive this awesome bag with a qualifying show and with an $800 show you will receive one item 50% off and with a $1,200 show there are two 50% off items!!! What??? That is crazy good!

On top of that for every girl that books and hosts a qualifying show from your show YOU receive a $25 voucher and THEY receive their choice of a free pair of earrings with 5 pairs to choose from!

The home office is bound and determines to keep these artisans in bushiness this year! Our goal is to empower these women to keep working and we can't do that without hostesses and girls who purchase their products! Let's make Noonday in 2013 an even bigger success for artisans in Haiti, Rwanda, Uganda, Peru, India, Guatemala, Nepal and right here in the US! I want every one of them to have a reason to get ip for work in the mornings!!

Love and Blessings,

I am looking for hostesses for the following dates:
Thurs March 7, Sat Am March 9, Sunday afternoon March 10, Wednesday AM March 13and Friday am March 15

I want to spread this to as many people as possile the first two weeks of the launch! If you know someone who may be interested please let me know!


Also, each month I want to use my Noonday to fund things locally that are making an impact in the lives of people in our community. God has blessed the artisans by giving them a market for thier exquisite art, he has blessed ME by giving me the oppertunity to connect with them, worlds away and to connect with the most amazing women from all over the country who share a love for things that I hold so dear to my heart. He has blessed me with a movement that is an extension of myself, and he has added handmade jewelry that makes me a lot more feminine and shall we say with itl! Never did I ever think I would advocate for the oppressed through jewelry and accessories! Yet it's so much more than jewelry. It's a connection woven through every strand of paper or shaped in metal. This just lets me in on another part of the personality of God. His plans are always so much different and so much BETTER than our own.

I have been given much and much is expected. I love the Frazee Center and the people in it. I love Matt and Jenny and their never ending, though often challenged passion for giving their lives away completely to make someone elses better. The principles of Frazee line up so closely with the vision of Noonday.

 At FraZee kids are taught to:
WORK hard
RESPECT authority
FORGIVE quickly
In March, every dollar that you spent will matter, it will matter to me, it will matter to the Noonday Home Office who funded the website on selling gift cards for cash, pieces of gold jewelry collected from friends and personal peices.This movement is a labor of sacrifice and love.  Your dollars spent will matter in slums of India and the remote areas of Guatamala and in lives of HIV positive women in Ethiopia and in the many faces of Uganda and Rwanda and Haiti. And it will matter to FRAZEE because I will donate 20% of my earnings from the entire month!!!! I am pumped for many reasons. First, Frazee needs funds to keep going desperatly and second I want to send Jalian in Uganda a photo of a bunch of awesome kids with a  big fat check that was made possible because of thier parthnership! I want them to see how they are impacting our kids here in the US who are struggling. I want to weave more lives together and I want Christ to get every single drop of the glory...
care to join me on this awesome adventure...


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