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Monday, February 4, 2013

Back in the fall, my sweet friend Jessica introduced me to a company called Noonday. For the next few weeks I could not eat, sleep or work without it coming back into my mind.

Currently I am reading the book of Nehemiah and in my study today it tells about what God has laid on your heart to do for someone else using your gifts.. One of the examples was empowering someone from a foreign country to have a better life!!! Ughhh helllllooooo... It went on to discuss how when nehemiah heard of the troubles with Jerusalem he was in a palace and though the problems he heard of were not "his" or in his own town that he fell to the ground and he wept. He had a heart that was broken. He used that brokenness and that righteous anger to impact his city of birth and the kingdom of God, all because he changed the focus from his own palace living to those "over there"... I just love when God places crazy opportunities on my radar and then follows them up with just as profound affirmation.. Me, impacting someone in Rwanda through fashion would have been about as much on my radar as selling icicles to Eskimos, but God's plan is always bigger and better than my own! I am thankful for his sweet timing with his blessed affirmation!!

Noonday helps to empower people living in extreme poverty develop sustainable incomes by creating the jewelry and other accessories with materials that they have access to whether it's cow horn or used artillery shells. There is even a partnership with the sewing ladies who make the beloved Matilda Jane clothing. They have started a sewing school, seen african women afford weddings which is a rarity among the poor and are watching people all over the world find hope and purpose because of the market created every time one of us purchases a handmade item. Not to even mention the awareness of adoption that is coming from this new movement which all sarted when our founder Jessica was trying to bring home a son from Africa.

I found this unbridled interest hilarious because I don't shop, nor do I accessorize! But these products tell such a beautiful story and they invite you to take part in empowering people across the globe. To hear the stories and know how much goes into making every detail a work of art is humbling. To know that Noonday was founded by one woman's passion to bring home a baby from a country worlds away is profoundly impactful to me. Because she chose to be the change for one child, God has enabled her to bless so many more.

After months of waiting for the right time in this start up company's development I am so excited to have signed on as an ambassador for Noonday Collections. It is an absolute honor to be able to share the story behind these pieces with everyone i know. They are exquisite and one of a kind and a God blessed platform to share the story of adoption, orphan care, global mission work, and the gospel message of redemption! All of my favorite things bundled into a company who is using fashion to educate people and purchasing with a purpose to empower women and men around the globe to be able to break the chains of oppression for themselves and their children!!!

I am so thankful Jessica chose to be obedient to God's call for the orphan, she has been blessed with sweet Jack and now she has created the Noonday family to be a blessing to so many more!

What are you waiting for? Call me today or send me a message and find out how you can own some noonday goodness and be a part of a movement that is absolutely impacting the world!!! Trunk shows are the avenue we take to tell the stories of the artisans and for you to purchase their products. They are so much fun and who doesn't meed more girl time!!

Spring Line launches FEB 28th and oh my word.... I am speechless. So many beautiful new pieces, so many exciting accomplishments to share from Uganda to Rwanda to Guatemala... God is moving in a powerful way!! Call me now to book a trunk show! Hostesses earn free goodness and if you know someone who's adopting the show can be used as a fundraiser!

I will have a working site soon, but for now, give me a call and let's get a trunk show booked for you soon.


Love and Blessings,

When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed your night will become like the noonday.... Isaiah 58:10

. To look online visit www.noondaycollection.com

The pictures below are all Noonday pieces. These are from Entoto Mountain in Ethiopia and Uganda and are made from upcycled artillery shells, and paper beads. Ahhmazing!!

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