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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So I must admit, I will never ever fully understand what God sees in me that is so worth of being so blessed! I truly sit in the quiet sometimes and just sob at the goodness that he has abundantly poured all over me and my sweet family. Our life is far from perfect, please don't ever think that because I am blessed and I am positive I lead a fairytale life. Oh we grind it out just like so many of you :)
Long ago God blessed me with a burden, one for those just like me; those of all ages who sat and wondered the same things.. what about me is good and worthy and worth it...
 My heart beats to show people just how much God see's in them because he first showed me in tiny glimpses on dark nights and in magnificent experiences like the births of my own children and in the smiles of ones who wrap their precious arms around me in the hallways of a school just to call me their "school mom". He shows me why I was worth it when just one feels loved more than they did yesterday, or when one tear turns to a smile or one fear fades away and one hope is ignited. When one wandering teenager comes by just to say I love you.. yes, friends, that is what makes me know that something in me is giving back and something is worth it.
I am worth it because I have something to give, something that no one else can, because God created me for a special and sacred purpose, just like he did you...
In my previous post I shared about Noonday. Please go read it if you are just now tuning in. I could have never imagined what all God has done through it in just one month!! Oh my word! Aside from Noonday's strong rooted and impactful mission I have personally been showered with the grace of seeing just how BIG and powerful my sweet Jesus is! He has placed people in my life that have been mirrors of his love and grace and who have encouraged me beyond belief to keep fighting the fight for the countless lives my heart aches and beats for.
I told you that I was going to donate 20% of my earnings in my first month to the Frazee Center in Greenville. This place fuels my passion for living life Jesus like none I have ever been a part of. Matt and Jenny and the countless others get it. They get that living like Jesus is so much more important that packing a pew week after week and checking it off your list of things to do. They get that you can't live in both worlds, they are risk takers and they carry the burdens of many little ones in their hearts. Their lives are not easy- but they are FULL and they are BLESSED because they fight every day for kids they believe are worth it! They are imitators of Christ and they are two of my heroes for sure! 
If you are interested in impacting the life of a child and you want to truly know what it's like to live an abundant life like Jesus, stop reading and call them now! Alise Brown is their volunteer coordinator and she is a precious soul. She keeps things at Frazee moving and without her I don't know where they would be :) Her contact info is 864-616-8867 or you can fill out a volunteer form here.
Now to give you a peek into Frazee Dream Center where I was able to donate $200 to through my first month with Noonday!
Yes! I hit my goal friends! $200 because many, many of you who are reading this not only fell in love with Noonday and purchased to help the artisans, but you love FRAZEE and you dug deep and YOU made a difference! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being a part of the change!!
Now for the best part of the post... Frazee.. Grab your tissues!

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