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Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey Y'all! Yes, I said Y'all...

I am from gorgeous Greenville, SC and that friends is the sweetest southern hello you can get from us Carolina girls! So receive it as a humble, heartfelt welcome to today's blog train giveaway!

I am so excited to have this opportunity to share a little of my heart for Noonday with you. Truth be told, even as I write I am not sure where this will end up. My heart is so incredibly passionate about these beautiful people that we now give voice to, so it is so hard to put that into words that do them justice. They are so much more than any collective words I could ever use to describe them, but I am going to do the best I can.

Having said that, I love music. It speaks to me. It inspires me and I have been listening to one of my favorite songs almost on a constant replay for the past few weeks since my return from Haiti with some of my new best friends and fellow Noonday ambassadors. Love and miss them much!

Take a moment & have a listen...

From the beginning of time God has been making beautiful things from dust... When I think of how our artisans wield these incredible pieces of jewelry from leftover tires, discarded paper, previous war weapons that caused years of oppression or how they start with only their hands and a prayer and weave in hopes and dreams and not only rewrite the story for their lives but for hundreds of others, I am absolutely brought to tears.
I am brought to my knees at the parallel to how the Father is able to create beautiful things from us. From our mess, our brokenness, from the leftovers we often give him when our spiritual wells are dry, from the scraps we toss Him at the end of the day in half hearted prayers, or from our battered selves on the days when we have been knocked down more times that we care to get back up.
He still makes beautiful things out of us.
He is the great artisan, the great weaver, the master seamstress.
He makes all things beautiful and glorious in their time!  
Not a one of us, our artisans, our children our bosses or parents or spouses is too far gone.
"All this pain, I wonder if I'll ever find my way. I wonder if my life could really change, at all...."
That is what Noonday is about to me. 
It's about being a voice that helps to bring change, to bring hope and meaning and purpose. It's about being a voice that gives way to turning the messes into masterpieces, allowing our artisans to take the dust of troubles and pasts and worries and failed attempts at mere survival and making it all glorious in HIM, for HIM and with Him. It's about stepping out of the chaos and meaningless things of this world and grasping tightly to the gift of a new life of purpose and powerful influence that we can pass on to a mass of other women who are longing to leave a mark. It's about growing and strengthening my circle with irreplaceable women that I now do life with as ambassadors and sisters and friends. It's about rebuking things that steal joy and hope and dreams and empowering change and it's about joining hands and making promises to stand up for one another and to bridge the gaps of our weaknesses so that strength rises up and justice rolls out.. It's about working hard so that more of us never wonder if change is possible or coming, but instead wake up expecting God's providence to show it's face in a mighty way. It's about enabling doors to open and mercy to walk through. It's about trading dust for destiny...
"All around, hope is springing up from this ground, out of chaos life is being found, in you..." 
My very favorite thing about this fall season of Noonday is seeing the growth! Our home office is busting at the seams with energetic and brilliant new team members, there are over 300 ambassadors, our artisan groups have exploded and we are still less than 5 years in! Probably the most exciting for me is seeing the number of women in my city who now know and recognize Noonday and want to partner with us to continue doing everyday things with love to improve the lives of people that they will likely never meet. I could go one forever...
God is all over Travis and Jessica's dreams for Noonday, He is raining down blessing over every single aspect of this movement. And it is just an honor to be a part of the journey.
I hope that you will take the time to read about our artisans, they are real people, with real stories and real families and they are so unbelievably talented. The appreciation I have for their skills is immeasurable. I have gained so much inspiration from them and I pray that they know how truly blessed WE are to walk this journey with them. We are being transformed into beautiful people because of their influence on us; their faith, their resourcefulness, their humility, their sense of community, their determination to overcome... what great teachers they are to us.
"You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of the dust.
You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of us."
So thankful for the opportunity to serve a mighty God who is in the business of making beautiful things out of our broken dreams and deplorable situations, who never gives up and has purposed so deeply in each of our hearts a dream and a way to make it a reality to bless so many others. So blessed to have been given the opportunity to partner with Noonday, who is a vessel being used for our God, that brings that transformation to so many & so grateful to have my path woven together with so may incredible people on the journey... It's not about us, but all about just saying yes to something bigger than ourselves. It's about carrying the burden of another mother to lighten her load, it's about doing small, purposeful things with great love so that someone else can live freely and in all the fullness of God. It's about helping to meet the physical needs so that eternal seeds can be planted and eternity can be sealed.
It is a beautiful thing.... I pray you will join the rest of us as we continue on. The peace and joy of the father will never be any more tangible that when you are aligned with Him to love your neighbor as yourself..
Thanks for stopping by, good luck with the giveaway below and keep checking back here for updates on the remaining giveaways from my awesome Noonday sister friends around the country! Speaking of which, go over to Carmen's blog to see yesterday's giveaway. And tomorrow pop in to see Liz for even more Noonday goodness! These women are amazing!
The winner will have a chance to choose from one of my three favorite things from the new fall line! The winner will be drawn by Rafflecopter on Friday at noon! So share, comment and post away friends!

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