Not to exist, but to live...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

So, I have a million things on my mind tonight. I have so many things from the past few days that I have been so anxious to find the time to share, but after tonight's phone call that shed so much light into the processes behind the Ethiopian line, I can not put this one off. I will be really tired in the am, but the things that these women endure put it all in perspective.

It has always been my favorite.
It shouts redemption from the rooftops.
It shakes a balled up fist to HIV and it sends the stigma to it's demise.
It let's hope find voice, and freedom fly. 
It is healing found not in water but in work, in access to life saving medicines, in Christ...
It is a rushing river of change that didn't wear away the barriers of poverty, depression, abandonment, and stigma all at once but over time, and with great persistence now shows signs of life and liberation from such devastating circumstance.
It is purpose.

It is redemption.

Our amazing team that works on our Ethiopian line is so deep with talent from designers who use fashion and trends to create pieces that will sell here in the US, to the farmers who have been harvesting artillery shells for hundreds of years and turning them into beads. Such talent is so vibrantly visible in the hands of our artisans who are becoming experts at not only beading but at living.

They no longer just exist, they live.

It is incredible the love, thought and dedication that goes into these pieces of redemption for the people of Ehthiopia. One purchase not only supports our artisans in the group, but the farmer and his family, the bead maker, the  bus driver who brings the boxes of beads down the mountain and the ambassador and designer who help get them to you. All that with one purchase... It is incredible and I am so humbled to be a part! It has changed my heart, and my life. I see things so differently and with so much more passion and urgency.

I meet Jesus through Noonday.

I want you to hop on over here to read the latest post on the Noonday Blog! It is such a great look into how all these designs begin to take life!

And when you are done, pause a moment and thank God for the opportunity to be such a blessed woman (or man if there are any who read these ramblings) and then ask God what your place is in this awesome journey of supporting mothers and women around the world.

What will you do today to fight injustice for our brothers and sisters who need a voice?

love and blessings,

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