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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thankful for today's message.. All of it. Regurgitating what I heard today so skip this post if you will.. In light of my evening, I would say it was right on time. Zeke, Brent, and the rest of the SS crew nailed it today....

The "you's" are really "we's" and this is really a self talking to for me. :)

Life is but a vapor... We all live and we all die, we don't get to choose either. We do get to choose the dash.. Yours is supposed to look different than mine and mine yours...

A few things... #1- you are accountable to God for living your "dash" with what he has called you to. Don't know what that is- get to know him better- don't know how to do that? if you can read you are a winner... just start somewhere in that Big book called the Bible and pray.. no fancy eloquent words needed- just do it. Don't have to understand it all, just pray for wisdom and clarity and do it. 

#2 There will always be acts of darkness that will undermine  and try to steal the joy from it- don't let them, be aware and be on the offense, don't stress yourself out playing defense. Offer truth and remove yourself from it. Rebuke it. 

#3 Sitting at home reading your Bible isn't the model Jesus gave for us as followers. You don't meet HIM in the messes of the world where He is if you are only surrounded by yourself and your comfortable space. You may meet him in your mess, but you won't meet him in all the places he has for you f you selfishly hole up where you feel cozy and satisfied. He wasn't really fond of comfort, safe wasn't in his vocabulary and it surely was never promised. You are prideful and selfish and are making God fit  your mold not trying to be more like Him who made a habit of meeting together with other believers, not saints, but sinners.. Deplorable sinners... Christians are not perfect. They are simply on a journey. The people who seem to think bc they clean up 56 days a year for church are somehow better off or more holy are just as lost and those judging the church for not filing them with what they need. 
Offer yourself to HIS bride... He stands waiting at the alter for you every single time. It's not about being filled up but being broken and poured out... 

#4 We all have a choice. You can't blame how you were raised or where you grew up or how your best friend chooses to behave. You choose whether or not you say yes to God, putting aside your human fleshly need for in or to belong or to be like the world. You choose your yes and your no..

#5 In order to unite our world we need to unite our church pews and our hearts with those made in his image... Pretty much lumps everyone in the same pot. It means the richest and the poorest, the most affluent and the biggest drunken sinner on the block need meet together in the pew and lay all their messes at His feet.. The pride and the greed and the addiction and the pity. The woman at the well and the woman on the throne both humbled and sitting together with their mess making it an offering... They are all made from his image.... The carpenter and the Wall Street broker, the orphan and my son or daughter. That woman who just can't make it past the store without a drink and the one who's lips have never held that curse...  We have to stop segregating out messes bc we are all a mess... And in God's eyes they don't measure up differently. Every face in this planet, white, black, red, brown or a mixture of many was made in his image. He died for all of us. Stop elevating yourself or feeling like you have somehow been created a little different which we love to secretly assume means a little better. Just stop it. Stop creating ways to exclude people of Christ. He didn't make a mistake, humanity did. He doesn't try to overlook the fact our skin or hair or accents or affluences are different- humanity does. He made different and who in the world are we to tell him our different is better than someone else's? Are we better than the image of Christ? Because when we elevate ourselves over another that is exactly what we imply. He created different, he celebrated his work on Day 7- if he was pleased I am pretty sure we should celebrate it too...

Just stop the prideful ignorance of racism and segregation in your heart and mind. It's crippling and it's wrong. If it separates the body of Christ there is NO justification for it. Not to mention you are cheating yourself out of who God may have as one of your greatest blessings and joys. 

#6  You need to love people who aren't like you.. Not many atheist will ever know Christ if "Christians" show them nothing but condemnation and hate. Not many addicts will find healing without someone willing to get in the trenches with them. Not many wandering teenagers or adults for that matter will ever stop giving into the street unless somebody for the love of God decides to allow life to get a little less rosy an a lot more muddy for the sake of another human being knowing what it looks like to love like Christ... No conditions, just convictions. No homosexual will ever soften their hear to know how incredibly much Jesus loves them and has a place for them at HIS table if "christians" keep throwing stones and excluding them from theirs. We are the hands and feet..we are the invitation to the banquet, to the feast.  The woman walking 8 miles a day  with her toddler to bend over a muddy runoff just to get enough water to feed and bathe her children in will never know the love of a savior as much as she does when someone who has taken "a paid vacation from the job that God gave them" (zm) and goes to dig her a well so she doesn't have to choose between caring for her kids, basic health and work and something as simple as water... Really people, it's that simple. And she is "entitled" to a family as much as you or I so let's just clear the air there.  The child who sits tied to a chair day after day, naked with his urine and feces running down his legs will NEVER even develop know joy or love at all unless someone decide to give up a lot of time, money, heartache and "American dream" living to call them their own and give their yes to God. (You can read fabris's full story here:

#7 there will always be people who just can't get it. Fear which is NOT from God cripples them. The veil of the world blinds them to all the things they are missing while they SETTLE for things of this world that they can control or manipulate or make happen in their own. They settle for being entertained by this world when Jesus is begging to entertain them with the power of his holy spirit in ways we could never imagine. No earthly desire has ever been as fulfilling as the times God has absolutely dazzled me with His presence. I love a good massge and a pedicure as much as the rest of them, I love new running shoes and my crossfit time and eating out to avoid cooking. I could inhale my children fresh from a bath or even sweaty from a long day of dirt and ball. I could spend countless hours just sitting with Brent on the beach, but none of those compare to the times when I was smack dab in the middle of God's presence... Hearing my kids first cries on the day they were born, holding the hand of a woman the day she lost her baby... sitting on a wall with practical strangers over a beer in Haiti dreaming up God sized dreams and asking questions of a God who holds all the answers. Holding a seemingly lifeless baby while he sleeps and praying crazy prayers for his perfect family to come quickly, for a simple smile.... Standing in the ocean at midnight with two boys who got baptized bc someone decided to get their hands dirty and hearts broken to let them know the world is not all there is..being on the sidelines when a little boy looks up to see if someone is there for him. Painting nails pink and purple , toes too. watching a storm move access the vast black of the sea and knowing all that power is in God's hand. He always shows himself in the simplest ways when we say yes to the mess and that joy.... Oh that joy!  

But you have to let those people who can't see live with their choices as much as they have to release you to yours. It's not your job to make them see for themselves but they can never argue with YOUR truth ad testimony (jay-c). Keep pressing forward. God will honor your yes, even in the hurt and disappointment and pain. He honors and multiplies the yes. 

And the things of this earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace....

Focus on God and what you want your "dash" to say, will it impress the world or impress God... The choice is always our own... Be intentional, be blessed and be willing to be broken and transformed. 

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