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Sunday, October 13, 2013

I happen to love watching the game of football as much as any man I know... I also would have probably played in high school if anyone would have let me.

In fact, I will never forget having to tell my high school basketball coach that I broke two of my fingers... on my right hand... during basketball season playing powder puff football.... Yeah, not good.. Pretty sure I ran with those broke fingers till I wanted to die the next Monday and I am quite sure the next year none of her players were allowed to play powder puff... 

I am also sure that Tiffany Brown and I altered our flags at half time, in the woods, but that's all I have to say about that, the rest of that story is locked up in a vault and gone forever! Good times! 

I love me some football. And let me just lay it out there that my blood runneth ORANGE... I was the girl sneaking into the den to watch the game at a birthday party this weekend. I schedule things around game day, and my kids are only allowed to talk during commercials... 

And speaking of Clemson, there is nothing like Death Valley. The atmosphere of Clemson University splattered against a truly incredible & beautifully developed campus is one in a million. The lake, the mountains, the small town community... And I know we all have our own teams and reasons why ours is the best and that's cool with me. Clemson is my obsession come fall! Thank God for that Clamp boy that made me want to follow him there and took me to my first game! 

I have so many great memories of college and most of them were on Saturday afternoons at Death Valley with friends. There is nothing like tailgate hopping and it's hours spent in belly aching laughter are far underrated during those years. Because when you are a college student, you can sleep all day and recover on Sunday and no little people will be there to alert you that the sun has officially risen and they need waffles or chocolate milk or that there is chocolate milk all over the floor because they were trying to let you sleep in... till 6:30. Oh yes young ones, enjoy it now, far too soon you to will be those old people who bring their kids to games and cramp your style... 

One of my favorite football memories were the two trips to Clemson games on the limo busses with the ESSO crowd... Ridiculously good times. Brantley and I wore matching coca cola bathing suits and pigtails at 5 and we had some seriously incredible moments doing game days together too. I love that girl. God blessed me with her friendship in so many seasons, football being one if my favorites. I also remember us honing our inner Paula Deen's one Sunday and making the most ginormous, delicious pot of Chicken & Dumplings I have ever seen for the regulars who would make it back to the lake after the ESSO finally closed after game days. We were pretty much moved to the status of trophy wives that day if I remember correctly! ;) 

I love the friendly football trash talk... Yes, it can be trashy and good spirited... I think it's awesome to have friends to sling a little junk with when our teams play and healthy completion is just fun! It doesn't have to be spineless and shrewd. And I like to win bets...a lot! 

Football is the only game that has ever made my blood pressure rise and my heart skip beats. It's fast enough to hold my attention and simple enough for me to understand. Brent and I can lay on the couch and watch football all day long regardless of who it is and I love that after 10 years of marriage we still would rather do that on my day off than just about anything else. It's enough. 

So aside from the love of the X's and O's and the competition, the atmosphere of Death Valley and the sheer excitement of it all, I love the connections that come with the season and the game. When campus becomes a sprawling tent city, scattered with decade old secret recipes,   traditions that run generations thick, and a day of just simply enjoying life and making memories that will last forever there is just no other emotion to feel that happy! 

In Clemson it's a merging of old money IPTAY and new age girls in cowboy boots paired with very small orange dresses. It's city people and country folks bumping elbows and sharing raised fists and orange solo cups for the alma mater. It's the blue dogs at the ESSO club and the most incredible hand painted, burnt orange sunsets stretched over the stadium and enveloping the rolling hills that fall into the shores of Lake Hartwell. It's a place where our coach is a little crazy, about the things that matter most - Jesus and the players underneath the numbers on orange shirts. It's Bar-b-que and cold beer, it's Howard's Rock and the most exciting seconds in college football... It's magical, memorable and the home of some of my most treasured seasons of life. 

Football and all it's trappings are at the top of my fall obsession list, so Go Tigers and to all my fellow football lovers out there enjoy this season with your team and may you and yours make some memories in the name of the game that will bring you joy for always!! 

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