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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So I have a few friends who will remained unnamed or not Wendy, Crystal & Ashley, who are a tad obsessed with coffee. I literally think if they went to donate blood they would seriously draw out

 a double tall non fat with whip mocha, whatever that is and then they would get handed a shirt like this...

You want to know what Starbucks and the library have in common? They both make me feel very simple, plain and unintelligent. For real. I never did learn exactly how to locate books, I only went to the library in college to use the computer and visit my roommate. She was a smartie pants, probably because she knew how to find books and the fact that she actually read them. My ADD was way to busy for that. Deciphering that Starbucks menu and what all those letters on the cup mean is just as daunting.

I must admit though, there is a sweet little coffee shop downtown Greenville that I am quite smitten with these days. Brick walls and concrete floors hold together large picture windows over looking the Reedy River Falls in the back and across the storefront wall, the glass windows hold a view of Main Street, which happens to peek directly across the street to Starbucks. Pick your side. I'll be in the big orange chair near the back window so I can tune out the traffic. 

It's a simple yet incredible place. Four flavors of freshly ground and brewed coffee daily with two of the sweetest, most artsy, beautiful baristas ever. We have become friends over the past year and I actually wanted to kiss one on the face a few weeks ago after she made me blush in front of a long line of folks. Bless her heart, she loves my Noonday Collection swag and on this particular day she just kept going on about how awesome it was and how beautiful I was. well, Thank you Jesus, Nionday and Bobbi Brown, I will wear "my age" and my Noonday like a boss and next time she may get that kiss. This may or may not contribute to how highly I esteem this establishment now. :)

It's a place that attracts the artist, the dreamer, the intimate story tellers. You will see lots of people sprawled out with their Bibles and notebooks. Origins Church meets there on Sundays.  Paintings and photographs from local artist take their places on the old brick walls and cultures collide. There will be uber cool students from the governors school rockin skinny jeans and nose rings and little old ladies knitting blankets and talking grandbabies right next to each other in perfect harmony. There are two older gentleman who meet there once a week to just talk about nothing. They are both from up North, one always drinks a coke and has a muffin and the other coffee and a scone. They, like me, always sit in the same spot. Mine is the old orange chair tucked cozily in the back left corner every chance I get, I am parked there for the mornings while Mary Cohen is in school. The environment breeds creativity and yes, the coffee and it's smell have become some of my favorite things.

Pumpkin Spice, Southern Pecan and Hazelnut are my absolute favs, no room or need for anything else for something that delicious, just tall and black. And if you are in need of an extra kick start the Metro is strong and dark and incredibly smooth. 

(The same sweet girl rewrote the menu board for me so it would look super sweet for you guys. She is fab. Go visit and leave her a fat tip! I mean really, she does coffee, compliments and art!) 

Moving along. It occurred to me a few weeks ago, that I am becoming one of those people, you know the ones like those I mentioned above, the ones who are obsessed with there daily hot fix.

We all went to Catalyst in Atlanta recently and while I have boycotted Starbucks for the longest time, like forever until that trip,(I am coming around). I tend to boycott anything trendy or in the spotlight just to prove a point that I don't need it. But, that's another post. Considering on this trip, we could not go 5 hours without making a stop the nearest coffee haven, I was forced to partake or suffer the consequences of caffeine withdrawal and a killer headache. I admit, I still don't have a taste for all the fruffy stuff with caramel, and whip cream over ice and yadda yadda, but I did fall in love with the Ethiopian coffee which of course was gone when I went to get it at home. Lovely, thanks for letting me fall in love and then yanking it away. Starbucks Fail....

Anyhow, for all you coffee lovers who have been loyal to your favorite brands or shops for years, I am finally joining the party and this post is for you. I am holding strong and staying true to my love affair with the intimate digs of Spill The Beans and it's charming little back left corner where stories are told, dreams shared, thoughts penned & inspired, my thinning Bible pages are scoured for wisdom and where a great truly incredible cup of coffee warms the spirit.

And now that you know where I am, stop in and see me. Remember the procrastination post- interruptions are some of my absolute favorite things, I'll buy your first cup.... Nothing brings me more joy than sharing the things I love with the people I love.


PS I must give that other coffee shop some credit. The sweet guy in the drive thru insisted my coffee be on him last night. Redemption for you Starbucks, redemption in the form of a grande Pike, straight up an d hot!! Thank You! 

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  1. I am truly loving your blog posts! Keep on writing and sharing your heart! Finding out that we have a whole buncha stuff in common.


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