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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Instagram Mentality - I may have just created a genius analogy!

So in polling my friends, I found several things that were repetitive and this is one.
We are impatient and impulsive and we are creatures of the NOW. We have become slaves to IG: Instant Gratification or as I have now coined it the "Instagram" Mentality.

It scares me, no it absolutely shakes me at my core.

I am afraid that we miss out on the true desires that God planted deep within our souls because we give up incredible portraits weilded with color and depth and meaning by the God of the Universe for instagram moments that are just that, instant. I am afraid that we exclude people from their seat at God's table because we only show the world masked versions of ourselves to a broken, hurting world. Pictures that to those people are unattainable, untouchable. I am afraid that we are fooling ourselves into thinking that we can manufacture enough goodness to satisfy ourselves fully. My list could go on and on and on.

These moments that we create, they are snapshots of our lives that can be made more attractive quickly with digital masks, filters and let's face it, anyone with an ounce of technical skill can use Instagram, the artist of the universes is not needed, in fact in those quick moments that we ourselves create, I dare say we often never even think of Him at all. We manufacture things to make us feel whole.

Hit home with anyone but me? As a lover of Instagram, and all things creative, I realize I am often a lover of Instant Gratification too. I loathe the waiting of life's professionally created picture to show itself. I can not stand for God to place something in my heart and then have to just sit on it or worse watch someone else hold up the process because they are not ready to let go and live boldly. But, as I look deeper I realize that I am often trading pieces of myself, my story, my beautiful portrait for things that will bring me instant comfort or joy but will quickly fade.

The good things that just aren't God things, or the things that have nothing to do with God at all. The school volunteer jobs, or company events that take us away from what our real focus is. The church programs, shopping, the latest gadgets, the job, the social schedule, that spouse, or girlfriend, the sports, the gym, that race none of which are inherently bad if they don't become idols. Then there are the addictions to food or exercise or drugs or pornography or sex or alcohol or spending or technology, the negative thoughts, the affairs, the choices that are just one step away from wrecking us completely. Those are things that in the moment feel really good, they give us that instant gratification, they satisfy a piece of us for a moment, only leaving us with an appetite for more. The fullness fades, the filters fade, what looked good, felt good, tasted good eats away our souls and we are left exhausted yet empty and with a hunger for more. Instant gratification - Instagram Moments.

God gave us time. He created it and set us in it's perfect space. He gives us all of it that we need to create something that reflects his image. We don't have to rush it. It doesn't have to be a one hour photo type experience. He didn't breathe the Earth and everything in it into existence with one breath, it took time.

The creator who is constantly painting portrait created the season of waiting too.

The waiting is where I always see God the most clearly because quite frankly it's the time when he slows me down, he brings me to the end of myself and my patience and my wills and I am available.

I am still.
And when I am still, He can focus on my details and I on His.

When I look backwards into my seasons of waiting, I see where God fed my soul with the richest, most abundant wisdom and where my mind feasted like a Queen on His redeeming love for me. When I reflect into the times I wished so quickly to be rid of, I see now ever so clearly the Father's hand over me, guiding me, feeding me, holding me, drawing me in.

When I am still.
When I am available.
When I am a willing subject, stripped down and posed for my perfect portrait.
When I wait.

That is when the great artist can see me clearly, can stare into the depths of my heart and soul and create a portrait that will bring Him glory.

And when I step out of the instant moments that are manufactured by me, when I position myself for him so still and so posed that I can feel him staring into the vast depths of my soul as he brushes in grace and strength beside purpose and power, when I do these things and I wait for Him to finish, He lays down the brush, He puts my hand  in His and He leads me to the other side of the canvas to reveal the immeasurable beauty that He has created in me.

It blows me away.
It is real.
It has vivid color and sinking depth.
It has edges. It has bruises and scars yet it is flawless and it is gloriously mine.
All of it.
It is mine and I am His.

He shows me where He blended pain and passion along the lines of my face and where strong arms clothed in the most beautifully woven fabrics have held tight to heartache and healing and he points out how I am a new creation and a reflection of HIS workmanship. Sitting in faded and worn jeans, my strong legs He says, refused to give up along the way, they were ones that chose to stand and ones that were never afraid to kneel, that kept pressing on, whether that meant along the journey or farther into the ground, at the feet of the only one who could make beauty from my ashes. He pointed to bare feet that carried immense burden and the curves of shoulders that on them had been heaped the immeasurable weight of both personal grief & the burdens of the worlds least loved and understood.

That is the portrait I long for the world to see. The one that is worth the wait, the one that isn't merely a filtered version of who I am but an intimate look into how the Father shows himself in me.

Let's just make a promise today to position ourselves to be still, to wait on the details that lie in the paintbrush of our Father's hand, to trust. Let's allow the same God who wielded the colors of every bird and butterfly and fish in the sea, the time to wield in us the same creative beauty in the portrait of our journey. Let's let him paint our story.

Let's loose the layers and filters that we pile on our Instagram lives to make them look better in the now and let's bare our souls to the Father so that through His portraits of us, we offer the world not snapshots of our masked, filtered selves but a true reflection of the character and redemptive power of our immense God.

love and blessings,

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