Thanksgiving Grace

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Grace at Greater Mount Calvary in the Judson Community today was blessed. Jesus cracked open the gates of heaven today and allowed us a peek inside. Today a community of people came together in true grace and thanksgiving. Today, hands brown linked with those white and black and in the shadow of the cross and through the love languages of giving and serving and affirming and mercy and food, we gave thanks. We together reflected the glory of God and the power of the love of Christ. Today over plates piled high with turkey and dressing, biological parents and their children ate and volunteers created a space for grace.

And isn't that what heaven is?

A space for grace....

Today I looked at brown teenagers holding white babies and at grand mammas with grey hairs and lines of wisdom etched into their faces bent over bubbling sinks full of hot soapy water washing dishes and preparing the feast and at my own boys, playing games outside with these biological parents who's children are being loved on and cared for in strangers homes, and in the midst of the sad reason for our gathering, my soul felt a strange peace.

Thanksgiving Grace.

For a moment today, God's people, from birth to 75, from Spartanburg to Judson, slums to suburbia, white, black, brown, man, woman, boy and girl,  came together and made space for grace. We made ourselves small and low so that Jesus could rise. So he could rise up tall over loss, hurt, anger, disappointment, mistakes and brokenness and so that today as we bent low and put ourselves aside, there was truly room for thanks and grace.

And I am so thankful that there is a place for everyone at my sweet saviors table of impeccable grace! All we need to do is ask Him to pull out a chair. Today and always may we remember to create a place within ourselves, our communities and in God's family for grace...

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