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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

There are a million thoughts in my head fighting to get out on the screen. Swirling around them are images I wish I could lock in my memory forever. They are all scrambling to be laid out before your eyes. I honestly don't know where I am even going with this or where to even start, but I am gonna let it flow and see where I end up. I am quite sure it will be a multiple post thing!

Right now my heart is overflowing with passion, rekindled in me is a fire that I know has purpose greater than what I am allowing it to be used for. A flicker was already there, but a flame was fanned this weekend by 130 other courageous, powerful, influential women. Yes, I sat with some who's faces are recognized all over the country, and they are precious, but they are just like the other 127 who are moms, dreamers, they sit in carlines and cry over the absolute magnitude of responsibility being a lover of Jesus requires. We all question our ability to teach and lead and just keep one foot in front of the other, we all wrestle with life, so much the same. The other 127 or so who are running this race with me are just like that too, they change diapers for a living, they are nurses, doctors, adoptive mammas, photographers, bloggers, Christians and not Christians, single, married, divorced and widowed all too soon. They have student loans, mortgages, debt, guilt, fear, some shame, some regret, fights with spouses, kids who have strayed, kids that have died, kids who are waiting half a world away and a hell of a lot of courage... Seriously, no other way to put it. I have been totally humbled and encouraged to hear how these women walk in God's mercy and grace all weekend. Powerful...

I want you to have a peek into our weekend. I cry every time I watch it. I know that it's hard to grasp for many because there is just a relational thing for us as ambassadors, but ya'll try to move past it because YOU and YOUR partnership with us to invite Noonday into your homes, every piece you wear is a life change for an artisan around the world. You are the reason this dream is flourishing. Your belief in loving God and loving people is changing the world!! I will share numbers in another post, but ya'lll this crazy little group of women linking up together and running alongside Jessica and her dream is having a HUGE impact! Peoples' lives are changing, that is not little.. you are a part of it and I swear I thought of all of my hostesses and customers so often, I wished you could be there to see, to hear, but I'll be your eyes and ears and voice throughout these posts. I want you to see what YOU and I and a whole bunch of other brave souls have done in two years!

Don't you just love yours truly to the left in mid sentence with the gaping mouth? NOT.....

Be sure to go to the bottom of your screen and pause the music on the actual blog for so you can hear the video and don't have the two going at the same time.

Jalia and her first smore's!!!

She is our first artisan and now the fearless leader and now founder of her OWN BUSSINESS in Uganda, which by the way now employs HUNDREDS in Uganda because of YOUR ORDERS through Noonday, was the most inspiring person I have ever heard speak and up top on those I have gotten to meet. She is beautiful and strong and God is all over her. Hands down, that is for sure another post!

I'll be back soon! Carline calls...

Love and Blessings,

Isaiah 58:10
When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed your night becomes like the Noonday.

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