Pastor Gratitude....

Monday, February 3, 2014

Very thankful for my pastor and his wife tonight. Their hearts and hopes are humble and authentic. They love people and they dream big! Their hearts break for the broken and they walk the walk as well as the talk. 

Sometimesi get frustrated with the church. I see so many outside who have been so deeply wounded by her. But I know in my heart the truth about this. There will never be a perfect people or a perfect church, but there is no one who would be more willing and excited to usher you into the arms of the one perfect savior than them. There is no one who wants people, all people, to feel like they belong. There is no one who stays up at night wondering about the ones who didn't get spoken to or who left with unfinished business on Sunday am than our pastor. 

I see them reaching wide, I see the weight of the world on their shoulders and I simply ask my fellow SFBC people to remember to thank them and trust them. All of them, not just Randy and Sherrie, but all of them. Let's follow their example. 

Let's go be love! 

Let's reach, let's learn to look for ways to be the change that brings people in. Let's shake up what needs to be shaken and strengthen what needs to be strengthened so we can support our leaders and our church well and it's vision well. 

God doesn't need us, but he wants us, all of us. Right in the middle of our messes, to just reach for the mess down the street or in the store or around the corner or on the other side of the tracks. He let's us in on his mystery and his magic if we just say yes! 

Our pastor does that so well. 

Let's just stop and make a conscious effort to love people well and remember to verbally, audibly thank those who lead us with their humble hearts and God sized dreams. We are so blessed, so incredibly blessed.... 

And if you are reading this and you don't have a church or you don't feel loved by one, or you've never felt good enough, or clean enough or whatever enough, all I can tell you is that I tried to avoid southern baptist churches like the plague but Randy Harling's heart for ALL people, for messy, broken me and his humility and transparency has made that impossible. It's not your average FBC :) It's family, it's home, it's not perfect and there are things and people I envision for it and in it, but  that man and his heart for the broken is the real deal and no one will ever genuinely Shepard you and celebrate and hurt with you more than he will... And those dreams, God's working those out too. He's got it all in HIS perfect timing. 

So just come, get over whatever it is that's keeping you away and just come. It won't be perfect, because under our polished exterior we are all a mess. But I promise I know a pastor and his wife who will do those absolute best to love you well, right straight to the arms of the one who is perfect, who is just as real on the inside as on the out and He will never reject you and to Him you will always be enough... So come.. Join us, and let's just wade through this messy life together the best we can... Humble hearts and God sized dreams. 

Love and blessings, 


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