God, My Yes and Brazil

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sometimes I wonder why I get so shocked when God answers my yes with a yes. Even after all these years, I still sometimes find myself in awe of how He seemingly is just waiting for me to ASK Him for things and then He slings back an immediate YES in direct response to mine.

Shocker I know, God waiting on me to get on board.

I've had this swirling around of bigger things in me for a long time, like since forever ago, childhood forever ago. On the inside I've just always known that God had big stuff for me to do, I've believed that He gave me big characteristics to do them- drive, attitude, fortitude, words, thoughts, ideas, gifts, dreams... But somewhere, somehow I lost the belief in dreaming. I somehow managed to be convinced that my dreams were reckless and wastes of time, pipe dreams and selfish ambitions that had no place in responsible living. I lost them over time and in a myriad of ways, responsibility, family expectations, social expectations and yes even in church. I own that. I don't think any of it was intentional, but I do think it's what happens when we are NOT INTENTIONAL about knowing God for ourselves and seeking to please HIM over all else.

Well that season is over and I am not captive to that lie anymore, the one that names my God sized dreams selfish or wastes of time. I haven't been for a while, thank God. But while I haven't been held captive to the lie, I have been a captive of restlessness. I've been a slave of fear, afraid to ASK for bigger things than I could manage myself. Sure, I have been used to do some things way out of my control for God's glory, but really, my life seems pretty safe and comfortable and well, it's just not reflective of my dreams for myself, my children or the kingdom unseen. I have a BIG God in me and I have been feeling the call to ASK him for big things.

So I did.

I asked Him for the confidence and courage to use my gift of words and photography to further a Kingdom unseen and to use my story for His glory. I've prayed in secret to God since the IF:GATHERING to give me the courage to be brave when I'm afraid, to ask big when the fear of rejection cripples me and to give me the perfect bold words to speak regardless of my desire to sit back for the fear being misunderstood or rejected. I have asked him to allow me to be a connector across generational, racial, religious and economic barriers. I have asked a lot of the humanly impossible. And I promised my yes to His response. He delivered.

He's answered all of that and then some. Almost instantly. Through a tweet and an email. I love how God works throughout all things.

Among other things, He's sending me to Brazil, with a camera and a laptop, to tell stories through words and pictures. He said yes to my yes. That was the email. (The tweet part comes later as more details are revealed.)

He's given me opportunity, courage, and a swift kick out of my comfort zone and onto a team where I know none, let repeat that in a different way, not a soul. Not only do I not know anyone, I am the only member from my generation I do believe. Take that for God's creative wisdom in allowing me to be a connector. I'll not lie, I'd rather be traveling to South America in a few weeks with my people. But guess what, these are my people because they are God's people and God doesn't assemble them lightly. I can not see every detail, but He can. I don't know how my story is going to merge or mix with these other stories. I am giving Him my yes and I am trusting His, flung back at me through space via a stranger in my gmail accounts inbox.

So, here comes another lesson in humility and courage. I have to yet again ASK BIG. And call me crazy, it's easier for me to ask God for big than it is for man. This trip is in roughly 60 days. I need to raise sponsorship by then. $2,300 worth. This will cover my travel and the additional photography gear rentals that I will need to complete the task of storytelling while I am there. That is ALOT of money in this household. Like a whole bunch! But, He is able...

 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."
Matthew 7:7-8

I have seen Him already fling doors wide open, so I know He is working out every detail. I know how He uses His people to be instruments in His work. I know that He wants us to unify ourselves using our own gifts for the poor and for the least. I know it will happen.

Here is how you can partner with me on this journey! I will be blogging about the trip as well, so I hope that you will follow along and lift the whole team, the people and the trip up in prayers. All of my sponsors will have a special little spot on the blog so that I can remember to be thankful and to pray over your blessings to me too. I love some gratitude. It feeds my soul.
OPTION #1 Online Donation (Not Tax Deductible)
I have set up an online donation page that you can get to by clicking the flyer below. There are some great little incentives from Noonday Collection and Amanda Cobb Photography for donor through that site. Unfortunately they are not tax deductible.


Option #2 Tax Deductible Support:

Please make your check out to First Baptist Church Simpsonville. Do not write any name on the check, even in the memo line. Please enclose a separate note specifying who you are interested in supporting.
If you are writing a check, Please complete the information above, and return it to:

First Baptist Church Simpsonville

3 Hedge Street

Simpsonville, SC  29681

Attn: Finance Dept.

     * It is advisable to not put the name of the person you are supporting anywhere on the check. You may include this form or a note indicating your desire to support a specific person.*
Option #3: Hold A Noonday Trunkshow
Send me an email or leave a comment below to schedule a trunkshow with Noonday and help tell the stories of our beautiful artisans with your people. I have countless stories of women and men who are being freed to live lives full of hope and redemption. It is powerful. Visit my site here to learn more. www.amandacobb.noondaycollection.com 
Option 4: Amanda Cobb Photography Photo Sessions
Have a senior graduating? Prom coming up? A little one with a birthday or simply just want to get the family together and make some fun memories? I'm your girl. I'd love to tell your  story to support my trip! Spots will fill up soon this spring/summer as I will be a single Mommy while Brent is traveling to Belize and Africa. Grab this deal now!

I will be updating you all on my support status as things move along. If you know of anyone who would like to support this journey to Brazil, please feel free to share!
As I wrap this up, I beg you to get back to your dreams. Like Joseph, I believe God has knit in each of us dreams that only he can see to fruition. We can not impact the world for Christ if we hold tightly to our gifts on the back row of life. If we never step out of the nest, never get out of the baby pool, never bravely lock our eyes on Jesus and step out into deeper water we not only become numb, but we become a stumbling block for those who see and hear us profess faith yet do nothing that requires it. Let's dream big things together and boldly ASK for the strength, courage and wisdom to lift our heads and be filled with the Spirits gifts for us. Let us run, eyes on Him together for the kingdom, for the people, for His glory!
In His Yes,

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