But What About Saturday??

Friday, April 18, 2014

So easy to see Friday and Sunday this time if year... It's all over everything. Good Friday, Resurection Sunday. 

But don't forget Saturday. 

The waiting. The agony, what Mary must have felt in the wake of the horrific event that took the life of the son she carried. The emptiness, heartache and confusion of the disciples, the shame of their doubt as they look back in hindsight. 

I don't like to wait, especially when I am in a season of pain and suffering. The Saturday's of life will come in illnesses, emptiness, broken relationships, betrayal, loneliness, financial strains, addictions, abuse, oppression. If we have The Holy Spirt, we have to learn to find joy even then because we KNOW about Sunday! We KNOW about redemption! We KNOW about the promise! There is no table that's set against us that God can't turn for us!! 

What Saturday's are you facing today? What death are you needing to face? Is it a physical one if someone you love or the death of a dream or a career or a relationship? What grief do you need to process? What sin is entangling you?

Deal with it, break free of it, mourn it, do what you need to do with the remembrance of Friday and the HOPE of Sunday and know Jesus is with you in this middle season of waiting, this Saturday...

Though the waiting and agony and hardship is in Saturday, Sunday's coming!!!  

Love you all! Tonight I got to see a glimpse of another dream if mine come true. I LOVED every second of worship tonight at Greater Mt. Calvary in Judson. Love dearly the men who brought the word, felt my heart split out joy through the music , familiar and old. I loved everything about the intentionality of it, the simplicity, the intimacy, the authenticity, the spirit ledness and the response to it. And I loved coffee after with my new-ish friends Wendi and Candace... 

Woven threads! I can not wait to see what God makes out of us!!! Blessed to know you both! Thanks for reaching out! Made my week, love you much! 

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