A Homecoming and A Kidnapping

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I woke to an empty bed, the early morning sun peircing my much loved darkness. Thumping and singing were coming from the downstairs below and the sound was a sweet offering to my weary self. Africa had delivered home to me my man. A smile swept a cross my face before my eyes even drank full the early morning light. Coveres back over my head. Blessed. Knowing full well the transformation going on below me. 

Everyone who knows Brent well knows he likes order. His first morning home was no exception. Still functioning on African time, he had been up since 2:30am..... Cleaning. Like laundry, kitchen, den, bathroom, pulling weeds, watering flowers... 

This was anticipated though. I know him like my favorite pair of jeans. I had already planned for that one. To spite the fact that we had done a pretty fine job keeping things orderly and not in a complete state of chaos, he always makes things better. He has this ability to make things over the top good in less time than it takes me to figure out where to start. And I'm here to admit to you that although it's a blessing, it's taken me a while to get used to. For a lot of marriage days, I felt like nothing I did measured up to his ability to walk in and make it all so pristine, so perfect. I have learned, after three kids and too little energy to worry about feeling guilty, that God wired him that way and that HE is my gift, my helper, my partner. I have friends begging me to clone him out or put him in charge of some kind of boot camp for boyfriends and future husbands. There may or may not be a few married ones out there asking too! If I could only... We would totally fund and live out our dreams of growing old in the Polynesian Islands among crystal clear waters and little umbrella drinks. But for now I just appreciate it and plan two steps ahead. 

I knew if there was any chance of us getting to enjoy Daddy for the three days he had between arriving home and going back to work we would have to kidnap him. Reentry to our western world isn't easy. It's not fun or plesant or enjoyable. It's easy to become disconnected and depressed. To drown out the noise in work or chores or whatever. I knew that was coming. 

So I kidnapped him. 

I'm blogging on this beautiful Sunday morning from deep in the mountains of North Carolina. I feel like we have traveled back in time 60 years or so. Picture Dirty Dancing type accommodations and serenity overflowing. This.Is.Heaven. Well... Heaven minus an ocean. 

I've not missed my phone one time. I've not missed social media, not missed all the voices in my ears, not even missed my endless funny that I blogged about a day or two ago. I love how God wired me that way. To be content in so many different situations. I thrive surrounded by crowded streets and tons of people in constant conversation, but equally so I feel a sense of filling up when I am left to the vastness of nature and my inner circle of people. I feel completely at peace on the dirty, dusty streets of Haiti, hot sun beating down and the melody of a language I don't understand whirling around me. There's rest for my soul there too without all the western world comforts that supposedly make comfort well comfortable...

I believe that place of rest comes from the creator of those places not the places  themselves.  

I believe that we all need to find places of rest. Maybe you are like Brent and I and you need to be kidnapped. I talk about him needing to be cut off, but truthfully, I would have probably spent most of the  weekend working. I have two sessions to edit and process and a stack of Noonday to enter, not to mention travel plans to firm up, writing assignments to finish, interviews to write and of course the end of school responsibilities of three kids. And laundry... Lots of laundry. I have family coming out of severe trauma and people I love under fire. I have some of my very closest, dearest "framily" moving two states away, I can't even force myself to accept that one yet. So many balls seem to be up in the air and all of them seem so fragile. 

There are people all around is who need parts of us and so being kidnapped was exactly what we needed to be present for the people who deserve the best of us. 

Our little ones are in heaven. No agenda, no schedule, lots of snuggles, movies, games, junk food and lots of our undevided attention. It's pretty amazinng. In just a bit we are heading into the Mountains to just wander. I love that they love that. That there doesn't have to be a set agenda, a plan for every second. I love that wandering is such a deep theme in out lives. Because it's in the wandering we find more of the creator of that rest. In the wandering we are free to just follow where he leads. 

Three years ago I would have never imagined that I would be welcoming my husband home from Africa. That land was my dream, not his. Now he's sending us both just weeks apart. He sent Brent before me, in HIS perfect time. 

Three years ago I couldn't have imagined needing to kidnap Brent to help him have space to unravel so many emotions. 

But God is so good. He has taken our plans and he's redirected our steps. He's welcoming us to find rest in Him as we wander along new paths scattered throughout foreign lands and unfamiliar places. Steps we walk now with such incredible people and he's drawing us together, in tandem, in a perfectly choreographed journey to rest and live fully in Him. 

Along the journey, if we choose to, we all have the opportunity sneak away and give all attention to who deserves it most, the author and creator of our wandering and the people he's given us to wander with. Go there, walk those uncertain steps, take the risk, hold the false securities of this world loosely and give way to Gods perfectly orchestrated journey. 

It's just barely 9:30am, and I write this snuggled between my man sleeping, still struggling to come back to us from African time and my precious baby girl balled up with her red blanket and the most surreal smile. The boys are piled in a chair with a new game for their IPADS and our beloved golden retriever at their feet. Things are simple and quiet and good. We are home. We've found rest. 

Where do you need to go to find rest? What makes your people feel at home? Do you need to arrange a little kidnapping in order to find it? Go. Do. It. Now. 

Tomorrow's Memorial day, make sure the life you are living is worth remembering. 

Love and Blessings, 



  1. Love (as always). Unplugging now to go wander. :)

  2. Haven't had the most relaxing weekend but tomorrow...tomorrow we wander. Maybe a street festival, maybe a little time at a friends place but will certainly be in relaxation mode. Big Daddy has the day off and we'll all be together. Sometimes that's the only kind of downtime I need. Blessings as you help your man down from his journey and grace as you prepare for yours. Happy to see you here Amanda!

    1. Yes! Thanks friend! I know this was long for a Sunday link but something just told me to post anyway. Hope you get to soak up some solace with your people :) xoxoxo


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