Crystal & Her Lack Of Funny During The Break Up

Thursday, May 22, 2014

"What are we supposed to do with our witty one-liners? How is anyone going to know how funny we are?" spouts Jen Hatmaker from page 98 of her book 7.

 I decided this was exactly, EXACTLY the feeling I keep having. I also decided it was what I  must share with my "council". (Amanda, Lisa & Tracy)

Imagine every time you have a hilarious thought, having to cope with the fact that it doesn't really matter.


Life is quiet without humor and endless banter with friends. The fact is, people in my house do not find me nearly as funny as my friends do. Even this message became less fulfilling when I started to text it, and realized I had to send it through email (which apparently, in my head, is close to the appeal of matching lost socks, with it's mess to sort through). Slump shoulders, add Amanda's name into the TO: field then realize I either don't have Tracy's and Lisa's email info, or I am just too lazy to find it.


Day 2 was bad. I cheated and watched Heart of Dixie, adding a day on the end of my fast for penance.

I would explain the bad day in an attempt to justify, but I'm ashamed.

Very ashamed.....
Crystal Ginn is not only one of those crazy enough to have agreed to read and act on  this insane book with me, but she is also really hilarious, really beautiful and totally amazing and one of my most treasured friends. She is the wife of Jamie, who is the seemingly serious part of their marriage until you really know him better. :)  She is also the wrangler of three adorable kiddos whom I could squeeze the precious cheeks off every time I see them and also the owner of all things beautifully hand stitched at Sew Simply Chic who I featured a few weeks ago. She'll be back again but for today leave her some love in the comments section of the blog today!
I must admit I concur with every.single.word.
I did the SAME EXACT thing with the whole email idea. Yesterday, I went to email the 7 people and had to cheat and text to get their email addresses and then I was just kinda over it. Pathetic! I own it.
I too love funny and I do miss the random hilarity that used to filter through my texts daily. I've had to put all my people on notice. Half of them think that is totally crazy and that I have lost it, the other half still text me (on accident) and I politely email them to tell them to stop :)Texting is only for absolute necessity. No funny one liners, no pictures, not even a hint of sarcasm. Boooooring!
It's been a dull few days.
My friends are just funny people. I miss that! By next week I may even miss non funny people.
Brent has been in Africa and has however texted me 500 times a day!  So I have had a little bit of a cheat there. Once he gets home I'll have no excuse to send photos of the kids and I doing random things like this.. Well because he needs to remember what he's coming home to right?
I have felt it "fair" to communicate with him incessantly since you know, he's on the other side of the world doing awesome things and we are over her giving up social media but we are still really funny and weird and full of random sarcastic things to say. I am so glad he totally gets that.
I am pretty sure he is gonna want to lift the band on texting though, Like Crystal said, he only thinks our funny is funny for so long, then he just doesn't get it anymore and I move on knowing that some things are just meant for your friends. Aweeee, I just realized how much I will miss that look he gives me when the ding happens, I look at my phone and belly laugh... You know, the one where he's waiting to see what it's about to see if it's worth even asking... bless it....
Here' s what I HAVE done since social media went away three days ago...
Walked With my four legged best friend with no interruption from all those dings on apps that were deleted from my phone :)

And I've cleaned out my garage and thrown away lots of stuff Brent is maybe gonna hurt me over... Whatever, it's about purging. It need it to go. One can only have so many buckets of junk before you become an official hoarder. We are borderline.
I also started a few painting projects...



Worked the majority of our TV free days like this... Until I finally broke and let MC watch hours of TV this am while I edited photos, organized Noonday, wrote this and consulted with people...
And I have received such funny text messages like this...
Aweee, I told him days and days ago when he was deep in the village to find a tribal leader with a machete to shave that scruffy face off. He settled for a razor with Roger and Brooke :)
I have also cooked which is a shocker. I still hate it.
So, would you like to join us on the Social Media Break Up? You could link up with us today! You can leave your EMAIL address (blaaaa) in the comments section and we will promise to support your maddening twitches and other social media break up side effects with empathy and lots of mercy... If nothing else, you will maybe find new people to connect with once the break up is over! Think positive my friends, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
Next up will be Lisa and Tracy! Their post may be more serious. Maybe.... I don't know, I think the first weeks emotions are just abnormal. The reality will follow the sheer shock of all the time we have to spend alone with our lonely thoughts. Have you done a social media break up? Tell us about it in the comments, give us hope to deal with our anxiety :)
Have a good one ya'll!
Amanda & Crystal

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  1. You broke up the day before I posted my boy's room wall, silly goose! That ridiculous thing took me ages to finish, and prob if I would break up with social media it would of happened sooner...or not, says the tornado toddler. :-) Yeah, I've tried to stay away, but life line. Stay at home, homeschoolin' mama lifeline. Although summer will be much easier to get out the of the house and stay off...except for I love to take photos, so the phone is usually in my hand, because my memory is AWFUL and I have to use it to capture my babies...leaving my email addy right here so I can hear from you (and your girlfriends?! I already love your girls because I love you!) xoxox And THANK YOU for the giveaway! Giddy Giddy!


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