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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Seemingly random encounters are the way that my life seems to fall together as of late. I love it because I know that nothing is indeed random, yet the feeling of things not being so overly orchestrated is so exciting to me. I love the spontaneous things in life, especially now that I am a Mom and wife and have a lot of nonnegotiable parameters around my days most of the time.

Having said that, I love to sit back and watch how God is writing those little bits of spontaneity and seemingly random encounters into my story.

I am beginning a little something here on the blog called connections. Connecting people is my jam. I love it. I love getting to know people but I love sharing them too. So it turns out that I know lots of uber amazing people, who I think you need to know too! I am going to be doing a little post on each one of them and it's of course going to be random because let's just be honest, parameters as stated above are simply boundaries for me to figure out how to work around. I don't do them well and who needs another schedule in their life? Not me... So, for you type A people, there will be a couple each month and we are gonna see where it leads. Some of them will be local, some from across the country and even the globe. I just want to give space for some people who I think you will love and I want to widen the circle so that it gains strength, just like mine did the day these people came into my life in one way or another.

The first one happens to come with a really personal spot in my life right now. She's using her place and time and season and gifts to love me in a multitude of ways.

Meet Crystal Ginn!

She is one of my very best friends who works in the art of beauty and joy, She exudes these with a resilience and depth that you wish for every little girl to possess. She is, therefore she easily creates. Wherever she is,  whether it be in a friendship like the one I am so humbled to share with her or the other circles she does life in, she brings beauty. She weaves it deeply in the things she makes with her hands & through the words she wells up from her heart. When I think of her, beauty and joy flood my mind.


Our entire friendship began by her showing up and  sitting at my kitchen table at a moments notice pouring out parts of her that were so in tandem with parts of me. Memories bleak and fears on the brink of paralyzing her from rich opportunities placed in her path. Oh how I know fear. We talked for what seemed like an eternity and when she left I remember thinking, that girl is my kind of people. There were no apologies for showing up practically unannounced without knowing me at. all. There was no beating around the bush or small talk. She came with a purpose, and she came with her truth. The real unedited version and there is nothing I love more in a person than that.

Little did we know, God had already planned for us so much more. Immeasurably more.

I can't imagine a day of my life without this girl in it. God answered a huge prayer in my life when she walked in my back door and spilled her truth out at my table. That one seemingly random day has been the beginning of the most purposeful year ever. It was a bridge to family and friendships and LOTS of spontaneous laughter and to joy. It's grown faith by immeasurable heaps and it's healed and restored places long devastated. It's been a rebirth and a redeeming place, not just for us but for those around us. I could say a million things about this girl, I could write you a novel perhaps, defiantly an Oscar award winning comedy, but I don't have that much time on my hands and she would kill me for the unedited things I'd include!

I love her, so very much. And I am so, so, so thankful that she not so randomly came to me that day and has continued to stumble through so many places in my life ever since. Even better,  I am so, so thankful that I get to share her with you!

Crystal is the creator and hands behind Sew Simply Chic.

"Sewing became an outlet for me once I started my journey as a stay at home mom when my second child was born. The last couple of years, I began making scarves for my friends out of random, fun fabric finds. Recently, God has blessed me with some amazing ladies who have invested in me not in words, but in their actions, and it has completely launched my business in a way I never could have imagined (which is so often how God works!)." Crystal says.

She has been picked up by several boutiques around the south and had her scarves make appearances on National TV. You can order them online and local gals can pick up from her to save on shipping. Connect her to your people!

EVEN more fun... Crystal has just launched a new line of headbands, many of which double as bracelets that are the beginning of her accessories line! She had been having lots of requests for them so the first batch has just rolled out in tandem with my trip to go to Africa! How awesome is that?!

Sweet friend of mine is donating all proceeds from these sales for my trip to Africa!
So go here and check them out! There are detailed descriptions of all of the headbands and she is constantly updating her scarves as new fabrics come in. Keep checking back!
There is a coupon for scarf orders for 10%off. Enter APPRECIATION2014 at checkout!

"As a stay at home mom, I love easy, affordable ways to make my wardrobe more stylish, versatile, and comfortable all at the same time! Not to mention a "guaranteed to love" gift at a great price! Thank you for your suggestions, patience, and support as SSC grows! Thank you for growing with us! God Bless!!"
Let everything you do be done in love.
1 Corinthians 16:14

   Crystal Ginn
   Sew Simply Chic
   Simpsonville, SC

I do hope you will go over and support this amazing, beautiful friend of mine! Share this post on social media and get her name out to your friends! I love knowing that we can impact another woman and her family to thrive, whether for me personally it's in my work with Noonday, a purchase from my best friend or sharing it with someone else who may be inspired by her story to do whatever they can in their place to grow the kingdom! You can do that too!

In honor of my precious friend and In Beauty and Joy,


{annie's feathered earrings & metallic pearls necklace by noondaycollection}

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  1. Wow! God is good! I am blessed! You ladies are simply amazing! So thankful my sweet Father knew I needed to cross yall's path! Praise him for he is worthy! <3 it!

  2. Just ordered one! Crystal what a talented lady!!! Love this!!


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