The Sunday My Pastor Resigned

Monday, May 19, 2014

This. For all the times we feel less, ill equipped for the job, unprepared, hopeless and too far behind. 

For the Peter moments. The ones when speaking comes before thinking. The ones where we are out in the boat and  are afraid to take the next step into the unknown. 

The ones where courage doesn't mean we aren't afraid or sad or both, it just means we press on anyway. The times when God puts something huge on our hearts to do and we can't help but say yes.

This is yesterday summed up for me in devotion this am. My pastor traded an thriving 4,000 member church where no one wanted to see him go and boldly left it to go be the CEO of Connie Maxwell Children's and Daddy to 200 kids who need a warrior to fight for them. He did it because because God asked Him to be bold. And through torn spirits and floods of tears we as a church came to our feet in admiration and support.  We learned first hand what it means to be wholly submitted to God. Not to serve a church or a place or a certain group, but to be willing to keep your eyes on the Creator. 

I'm so proud of Randy and Sherrie. They were the reason we chose SFBC and they reason we have stayed for so long. Their friendship and mentorship of Brent and I has far surpassed anything we could have ever expected. We'd still be floundering without their challenge to live freely in the life God picked for us. We'd be lukewarm, rolling in on Sunday's and going through the motions like we did for so long. Who knows where we we'd be actually. I'm just glad they invested in is to live fuller. Not easier or more  comfortably but better. 

So, that said, yesterday one man and one woman showed us exactly what it looked like to be with Jesus. Just like Peter and John. Never fully equipped with a laid out plan, but surrendered and humble. They showed us exactly what it looked like to turn ordinary into extroidinary and we are so incredibly blessed by it! May we all be so in tune with God that we do the same! 

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  1. Needed this today . Although very surprised to hear about Randy, it is so cool and affirming to hear of people stepping out in faith like that. Know God has someone special and specific in mind to fill his shoes.


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