Why I Gave Up Facebook: Part One

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Well, here we are just after carline on Day One of my social media break up. Why would you do such a thing you say? Well because three months ago four women made a pact to read and finish Jen hatmaker's Book 7, even if it killed us.

I can't comprehend that anyone has not ever heard of this book so please, go here, read about it and buy it. It will change your life and reek havok on you in the process. 7 months of sheer stripping away of all things that you love most. This month is social media. Awesome right. It has to be better than the food month... Whatever.... just buy the book!

But honestly, I have not missed social media all that much today.  However, it's only been like 9 hours. I'm sure to be in some sort of shock by midnight. Well, I haven't missed it much except that one time this am when my email alerted me that my husband who is still in Africa tagged me in a post... That one was kinda wearin' on me just a bit! I may have texted him later to explain my situation and had him email me the photos since I could not get on social media to see them myself!

Now..... Aren't you glad I did! You know, nothing like cuddling with a little lion cub and hugging a giraffe to get your Tuesday going! And the baby, well that's the newest delivery by their medical team! I am so happy that he has had so many incredible experiences to see God's divine creativity through so many new lenses! And to think he is now visiting with friends is even more incredible. Who would have thought a few years ago that the Eaton's would be hosting the hubs in Johannesburg? I love how we weave into our lives the stories of others, which takes me back to social media break up I guess.

Have I mentioned that I love people? That they are my favorite pastime? That I love nothing more than learning about them and laughing with (sometimes/often at) them and crying with them and over them and for them. Tears and people.. regulars in my life.. I love nothing more than sitting with someone and hearing what makes them tick. I suppose it's the psychology major in me crossed with the storyteller. Pretty sure I could find a way to connect to a brick wall.

Social media allows us windows into so many people's lives right? All the time, the windows of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a handful more social media platforms are wide open allowing us to see into the lives of people we haven't seen in years, people we may never see the actual being of and people we see everyday, but maybe in a different light. Social media gets a bad rap a lot of times and sometimes I say bad words under my breath at the careless, cowardice, awful words people hurl through space, but I have seen her glory. I have seen her redeeming touch, the way she reaches out a hand to my sweet friend in Africa and connects a divine appointment. The way I can see into someone's joy who may be miles always and the way I can speak life into someone's suffering that I could never reach with a spoken word or physical touch otherwise. I love social media.

BUT, as much as I love windows that open up to the lives of those people I mentioned above, I love even more hearing the catch in the doorframe when my back door opens and the voices of my husband and children and friends spill through the house. I mean really, when the door just opens and no one knocks, I know it's a face that is gonna make me smile. 

There is really nothing to compare a house full of my people to. In all of it's chaos, mainly because when one friend shows up that takes the kid total to like 7 at least. It is a glorious mess. Our house has become a weekly landing space for cookouts, low country boils, gaggles of obnoxiously loud people 4 feet tall and under and a load of good times and equally large loads of dirt and sticky fingerprints on EVERYTHING to clean up later. But we wouldn't have it any other way. 


There is nothing in the world I would rather do than be surrounded by my people, and their people. It clears my head, it frees my spirit, it soothes my soul and it energizes me because I tend to do this life with some pretty awesome, gifted, encouraging, brave people and each in their own unique right. We have made a point these people of mine to be intentional on spending days together. Brent and I (well, more I) tend to not care if everything is in total disarray, you know the kind where dishes are piled up, kids shoes could be a cool game of connect the dots as they lay astray all over and where it appears everyone of these little crumb snatchers is born in a barn because the doors are always open...Yep, all that. LOVE. IT!

Our home has begun to have a revolving door where we enter into life with others. Up close and personal life. It's truly the best gift we've ever received, that open door.

But you see, I fear that so many times we still settle for the window seat. The view is great, the scenery will sometimes take your breath away, the ability to connect with people like you who are reading this is truly like the cherry on top of a big fat ice cream sundae, but it's still  often times so far away and so not tangible. And if it were, the last time I tried to reach something through a window it didn't turn out well. That's a whole other story for ya on why I should have keys somehow implanted into my body and why diving through my garage window was a really bad idea.... I swear. Anyway.

So as I am entering into the chapter on Social Media Break up in Jen's book 7 with a few of my people, I personally am thinking about this. I personally am thinking about the time I waste with those INSIDE MY DOOR, the ones COMING IN MY DOOR or those I could touch if I WALKED THROUGH it, because I am staring out the window of social media or scrolling pinterest for recipies that lets face it, I am never gonna make.  Again, I love it. It's not the antichrist people label it to be. I have been truly ministered to and empowered and inspired and connected by it. I have relationships like this because of it! 

I am the one who is gonna use this time walk through more doors instead of staring out of pretty windows because the people that God put around me have so much potential and so much influence over me, so much of themselves to give and so much of me to be received. I need to take advantage of that. I need to nurture that and so I am sort of devastated and excited to see how this little chapter goes focusing in the open door. 


Crystal is going to be reporting in next on her break up. Today she emailed me and it went something like this:

Crystal: Well, My iphone is officially useless.
Me: :( :( :( :(
Crystal: It's useless.
Me: Well you could call me on it...
Crystal:................................................................... silence... 

I love that girl so much! She is sunshine to me every single day. I am excited to have her around here because she's hilarious and you are gonna love her too!

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Love you people much,



  1. xoxoxoxox Everything you said, just yes. :) Those photos, slaying me. Will pop in here on my computer when I can (usually read your posts on my phone and it won't let me comment, arggghhh!)
    Love you!

    1. You better bc I'll definatly miss you!!! I'm still on the noonday page ;) I love you more! One day soon I'm coming to Maine and I'm going to eat crabs with you

  2. Hugs beautiful, creative, amazing, beautiful, rockstar friend!!! I am so thankful and excited for you!!! xoxo

  3. Pshhhhhhh..... I'm ready to be in Haiti with you!!! How email you soon with some updates of some fun things were going to get to do

  4. hey girl! I know I am few days late but I am jumping into this with you! I have been watching as you have been doing all of this and every single month I think, I need to do this! I don't have any local people interested, so I'm joining in with you guys!

    1. Yayyyy!!!! We need to connect soon!

  5. Hey girl! Thinking of you as you go through the media breakup. This one changed me from the TV perspective (still haven't renewed "real tv" since) but should probably take another stab at it from the FB aspect. :) Miss seeing you on FB but love reading these.

  6. Ughhh I miss you too!! Real life lunch or hike or run or something soon?


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