Do Something

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I sat at a fundraiser this week that some friends had for my upcoming trip to Rwanda and listened with an overflowing heart as they each shared something about me. Each one of them talked of how I had pushed them to be who they were supposed to be, empowered and encouraged them to find Jesus and to see their reflection in His image.  As someone who has always struggled with being way too much for some and not enough for others I sat with hot tears stinging my eyes. I fought that battle yesterday and will again tomorrow I'm sure. I haven't reached some magic place where I've got it figured out. 

BUT GOD.. He's using me anyway. Hear that people, He wants to use you too! 

But the bottom line is you just gotta do something. 

You will always be too much for many and not enough for most. But, for the creator of the Universe you are perfectly imperfect and He simply wants you to do something!! 

He's like a parent in a pool. If we are afraid, He'll stand arms out and catch us when we finally jump. And if we, in all of our too muchness just run and jump in head first and we aren't equipped, He will do what any parent would do, He'll scoop us right up and hold us close while we catch that first life giving breath. He won't let us sink. 

Sisters, trust that God has made you for more than your insecurity of being too much or not enough. Listen to Him, drink in His words and just go do something! 

Linking up with my city soul sister Lisha today! Love her, you will too! 

Love y'all, 



  1. I had an amazing day, full of divine moments where I was reminded of everything you say here. "Just go do something!" I attended a meeting for a church plant in Harlem enlarging my community(something I've been desperate for) and connected with a friend I hadn't seen in years - all because I did something. Thanks for this Amanda!

  2. Thanks friend!! If we never jump we can never fly! Live reading all these Sunday posts! Thanks so much for jumping there!!! Xoxoxo


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