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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thanks to lots of you generous people, the supplies needed for the crèche are compete!! 

Brent has worked his packing Ninja magic and I can not fit one more thing in this bag! 

I've packed for the entire trip in a small carry on and have stuffed our families sponsor child gifts and supplies for Chances For Children in my suitcase! You my friends are amazing! Let's hope it fits and that Tiffany Galloway​​ and I make it through the airport in PAP without a hitch! Thank you Eddie Rexroad​​, Shayla Bousquet​​, Tennille Duncan Springle​​, Brooke Barker​​ and some secret suppliers I haven't figured out yet!

Chances for Children is such an amazing place. I was able to visit there on my second trip to Haiti last year and Ican not tell you enough how well they are using things entrusted to them. They are growing the children in their care as well as the community in which they exist. This year marked to ribbon cutting of a jewelry co op store front and a Medical Clinic. A new Baby House is being built accross the street next to a Library/Community Center. The kids are happy and thriving and smart and the staff is joyful and genuine. I have now visited several areas in Haiti and my friend Kathy and the Pastor there have a beautiful, blessed thing going on. Please check out Chances For Children online and look into supporting them if Vid lays that on your heart. 

I am excited to see this guy again! When we first met he was so sick and so sad. Brand new to the orphanage, he had eyes glazed over and an emptiness about him. One week with Auntie Amanda and he had a smile that stole all our hearts! We now sponsor Alfrardo through their child sponsorship program and I get lots of awesome updates from Kathy and other friends who visit! He is now walking and I am sure talking up a storm! 

The other part of my trip to Haiti witll be with Help One Now

I am so excited about this opportunity. I heard Chris, the founder speak at Catalyst and the way he talked about assisting vulnerable resonates so deeply with me. I simply reached out and he reached back. We met for coffee in Greenville and then we prayed for opportunities and now here we are! We have also partnered up with Allume and we as a new community have some really cool things in the works.

I am excited to bring some powerful ways of supporting others globally to the table. I am extremely thankful for my church's missions team's to desire not to simply impose our Western ways on Haiti and the other places we partner with, but instead wanting to affirm and empower leaders there to be Hero's for their people. There can be so much harm done by suppling money and goods and short term people into hurting, vulnerable areas. So incredibly thankful that they are sending me to be the eyes and ears for them and the hands and feet that represent them. Thankful that I will get to tell real stories that matter both while I am there and when I return. It's an honor and a privilege to be able to go back to a place I love so very much. Help One Now is an incredible organization and I am so excited to see more people taking on it's vision! 

The Cobb kids had a great day yesterday shopping for a few treats for the 4 children the church sponsors in different villages where Help One Now has very long term, very stable and very reliable Haitian leaders present and supporting children through a myriad of ways that far surpasses just rescue and sustainment.

We also got to shop for Baby A and Renal. We had such a fun day and it was so good to see them using their gifts for others in a way that will truly make an impact. Letters have been written, hugs and kisses wrapped tightly in bags and prayers covering it all. There is nothing else I hope to teach my kids than the act of being loving, giving and sacrificial out of the ultimate sacrifice made for us on the cross. 

On that note, these are must reads! Yes we packed up some fun things for our kiddos and for the groud as a whole of course but there is so much more to it than that!! Hear that and repeat! 

If you would like more resources that align with the best and most effective ways to partner in vulnerable areas long term, check out Serving With Eyes Wide Open, Toxic Charity and When Helping Hurts. All are must reads before ever stepping foot into the Misson field. It's a marathon not a sprint. 

Now for my Noonday fanatics :)

So, with that said the last exciting surprise is that I get to spend a day in the workshop of Renal, Noonday's artisan in Haiti! It just so happens, Chandler who runs the Co-Op Fait La Force,  is good friends with Brennon who works for Help One Now! What an awesome God. This is why I love connecting with people! Every connection strengthens the circle and makes the world a little smaller. If you have any messages for Renal, leave them in the comments! I would love nothing more than to sit and read to him all of your words of affirmation! He is the artisan behind our best selling Native Wrap (formally called the Navajo but that seemed to cause confusion of it's origin so it was just changed). 


Thank you all again for giving, praying and preparing the way for me to go to Haiti! I am so blessed because of each of your gifts and I pray they pour out of me like a mighty rushing river! 

Love and Blessigs, 


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