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Thursday, June 5, 2014

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So, I wrote a blog post the other day for the new partnership with IF:Gathering and Africa New Life. IF:Unleash is a new collaboration that will empower two young women to have fours years of University and the opportunity to continue influencing their community for good for years and years to come! Please go here and get the skinny if you didn't already read that one :)

With as little as $5 and month you can partner with women across the globe and make this happen! Click the banner below to head straight to the donation page!


Now, for the next exciting thing for me with Africa New Life... Eeeek! I am traveling with Africa New Life (ANL for future reference) to Rwanda in July along with 25 of my favorite Noonday sisters to simply connect with the women we work with there. They are so amazing ya'll. They have a strength and dignity about them that I can't even put in to words. Survivors of the Rwandan genocide as children, overcomers of so many injustices and they shine!! I can't wait to connect, tell them our stories and bring you back theirs.

ANL was founded by a Rwandan who hoped to bring renewal and opportunity to his people there. It started small and over the years it has flourished. I am so excited to visit all of the many programs they have on the ground there and I am really excited to introduce you to one special girl who has unknowingly just gained 3 brothers and a sister in the US! I can not wait to hold her hands and hug her neck and bring her pictures and letters from all of my people!

Meet Sentia! She is our new 21 year old Rwandan daughter! Sentia is a part of the ANL sponsorship program that equips children in Rwanda to go to school, purchase clothing, take part in Christian Activities and be loved, encouraged and supported along the way. Child sponsorship is not just about you providing for someone else. It's about a shared journey, a mutual give and take that empowers both the sponsor family and the child to live out the beauty of relationship across oceans and miles and lines that divide. It shatters ceilings and it crushes false ideas. Sentia happens to live in a place where she is not afforded the same things my children here have like education, new clothes and shoes or simple luxuries we run to the store for, BUT I can promise you from the experiences I have had with people in similar places that she has a wealth of life changing love and lesson to bring to our family as well! There are things we will each gain from her that we could never possess outside of our relationship over the coming years.

I can not wait to begin this journey. I can not wait to meet her in July. I can't wait to hear her dreams and share mine. I can't wait to hold her hand and listed to her sing, to meet her family, to show her photos of the crazy new tribe of people they have all gained as family. I can't wait to watch her grow and thrive and find her voice and take her place at the table. I can't wait to see all of these amazing children grow into who God wants them to be. I can't wait to see what God has for her as he empowers her to be a strong mind and soul for the people in Rwanda and what He has for us and we step out in faith to stand beside her.

Ladies, did you know Rwanda's government is predominantly run by women? 20 years post Genocide and they are on of the most peaceful places on the planet. The stories of reconciliation and redemption there are mind blowing and women are at the very heart of that change. Do not take lightly to the fact that your voice as a woman is powerful and holds great influence!

Would you like to be an influencer?
A life giver?
A catalyst for change in a young boy or girls life?

Don't take my word for it, see ANL sponsorship in action below.

Opportunity awaits. It's really so simple. And it will change your life. You may even end up in Haiti or Rwanda, like me, visiting faces that are now forever etched into your heart and that are tightly woven into the lives of your family story.

Visit ANL's Sponsorship page here and invest far more than a dollar amount each month. Empower a future leader, a future Mother or Father.

Step out into deep waters and invest in someone's life, in their possibility and their place in this world.  I wouldn't advocate for something if I didn't know it to be true first hand. It will broaden your view of God in the most beautiful way and it will deepen your faith immeasurably to see your act of faith be multiplied out in the life of your child. It is such a mutually beautiful opportunity to simply do life with someone across the world.  Love has a funny way of doing things like that. Go. Be. Love.

My kids are over the top excited. Each chose Sentia for a different reason. One because she loves to sing, the other because they too love Math, one because she looked pretty and one because they were afraid that she was older and people would only choose the little kids for sponsorship.... Breath that in deep. Everyone saw something special in her from their own eyes. What will you see?

I hope you will join me, we could walk this crazy intercontinental family thing together and wouldn't that just be nice...

Love and Blessings,


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