Time To Breathe

Monday, June 9, 2014

First let's just get this out of the way....


Who's with me? I mean really. Can I get an AMEN? Here's to lazy mornings, no carline, no lunchbox packing, no sheet signing, car tag locating, uniform ironing and NO MORE PAYING FOR PRESCHOOL!!
I mean really. We are officially parents of big kids! No more baby gear, diapers, paying for school (until the dreaded college when they will all be really expensive little offspring) and I am quite stoked! Brent got so excited he sent me out of the country for the summer and bought a boat... seriously, more on that later. That's an entirely different post. :) 
The end of school is always a much anticipated thing. Even though we love our little school community, we need time to breath and sleep and be ridiculously lazy. Let's just get real, we do less than a half butt job for the last two months anyway. Finishing strong is for other people. We have come to own our failures and move on. There are years ahead of us to try and do better....  
Summer now is also a bit of a time where we, in the very same throws of excitement, loathe it's coming because we have to send Josh off for the summer with his Mom. New York is a looooong way away and though we are so excited for all the adventures he will have in the city with his Mamma, our hearts break into a million pieces which seem to be carried away by equally as many tears. It's a little different for each of us. Brent and I think about it weeks in advance. He of course just sulks and holds it all in, I on the other hand spent most of last week breaking out into tears at the most random moments. When I was gathering dirty socks, when I saw the three boys running to my car from carline, saying prayers at night or just in the rare quiet moments, realizing no one in my house would be bouncing a basketball all summer long, those tend to be the times I just can't hold it together. The kids all get sad the day before he leaves and then don't really get it until about day 5 when they realize Josh isn't just at home with Dad. Someone will ay, "When is Josh coming over" and I'll have to remind them that he's gone. The tears will flow and the questions of "why" follow, even thought they know. Josh's dad, Patrick always says he's okay and then the second the car pulls away he's a mess. It never gets easier. Ever. But we wouldn't trade walking this journey with them for the world because on the other side of heartache is the most amazing little odd family you have ever seen. We somehow just meshed through open doors and open stories and now it is what it is. So blessed to do life together and to be able to love one another the way we all do. Missing my little buddy tremendously as I type this but praying mightily for lots of adventure and connecting and joy!


So as Friday came and went, I found myself on the way to one of those places where you can breathe. A place where the air is fresh, the water is crystal clear and the people are food for the soul. The lake is OUR people time. Our friends Jim and Ashley have become family over the past few years. Jim's parents graciously open their incredible home on Lake Keowee to us several times a summer and it has become a place of refuge and a space for the.funniest.weekends.of.all.time. I was so thankful that our lake weekend fell on the weekend that we dropped off Josh man. I needed some refuge and some space to just be.

We spent hours on long pontoon rides, more on watching the kids jump off a two story boat dock while we unpacked thoughts and had trivial conversations. We took turns cooking and spent lots of time eating and just being together without worrying about what was going on outside the unbelievably beautiful space God blessed us with for the weekend. Such a luxury that so many people don't have and one I pray I will never take for granted. But we all need time to breath. We skipped normal church and instead did our lake church on the back deck after breakfast. (We really missed the Caudilles and the Ginns..) We sang as Brent played the guitar and each shared something from what we had on our hearts and some scripture that had been speaking to us. Brent unpacked the difficult place he was in as he comes home from Africa, we talked work stress and family stress and how what we really crave are real vulnerable connections to the father and to the people around us. Sweet Jax chose a Psalm to read. Blew me away.
Psalm 102 says
Hear my prayer, Lord;
    let my cry for help come to you.
Do not hide your face from me
    when I am in distress.
Turn your ear to me;
    when I call, answer me quickly.
Those times are sacred spaces for me. Those vulnerable moments have created this crazy family of people that we are. I wouldn't trade lake church for any fancy schmancy service any day. Those appointments are breathing room because they are are God breathed. We have a lot of fun... we play ALOT, we laugh ALOT and we even cry ALOT as everyone is facing such big change, heading to unknown territories and trying to figure out how to walk on rocky ground, but we inhaled deeply the air that is God breathed grace and we exhaled back out our doubts and fears and we found peace.

What do you love to do? Who are the people you need in your life? Find them, be them, do those things. Make time today to breathe. Make time to enjoy the amazing things God has created and blessed you with and never ever take for granted the opportunity to love fully the life God has entrusted you with. There is no greater gift than to love God and love His people. 

Happy First Day of Summer Break Ya'll!



  1. Great post as always but I'm fixated on one small point... So are you tellin' me you now have a Jesus lovin' man with a boat?? Girl, seriously. :)

    1. I just snorted.... It looks that way! But I can drive a boat and back a trailer so now YOU have a lake buddy anytime! We can pile on kids and puppies and hit the water my friend!!!!

  2. Another amazing post! Crying with you and I don't even know Josh.
    "Make time to enjoy the amazing things God has created and blessed you with and never ever take for granted the opportunity to love fully the life God has entrusted you with. There is no greater gift than to love God and love His people." This absolutely is my focus and priority right now, so I just loved seeing someone else pen the words of my heart. Thank you for being so real with the world :)


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