Together When You Don't Have To Be

Monday, June 16, 2014


For as long as I can remember I have loved nothing more than being on the water. I grew up spending most of my summers as a kid/teenager near the ocean and wound up at Clemson University, which was just off the shores of Lake Hartwell. Water is my jam. It's where my soul finds rest. Water issues a calming peace and serenity,  but it is at the very same time massive, powerful and all encompassing.
I love it. 

I have also for the longest time wanted a boat and Brent and swore we'd get one every year after we got married but this funny thing happened. We had a baby, fast, against a lot of odds and he captured our undivided attention and there's that part where I quit working to be a Mamma.  And babies are expensive. News flash right? Best decision for me I ever made. Then we had another baby annnnnd another and then the years were spent buying diapers not boats. 
Fast forward...

Aden, my oldest son and the kid so much like me yet so not, got my unquenchable appetite for being in or on the water. He was on a beach in Hilton Head at 5 weeks old... Yes bathing suit, sun hat and all. I am quite sure more than one melding mother sneered at me but whatever. He's almost 10 now so he survived. Life is meant to be lived and I don't do solitary confinement well, even after a baby. This oldest child of mine turns into a completely different kid in the water. The somewhat timid and introverted side turns all out water ninja when he hits the lake or the beach. The boy is fearless. He comes alive and everyone can see it. 

Little did I know to make a long story really short that last week my husband bought a boat!! ONLY made possible because of the generosity of some of our best friends. They are moving to Florida (insert us kicking, screaming and praying for God to somehow make the impossible possible so they would stay) and sold us a boat we could never have afforded to buy from anywhere else. They know we love the water and they knew they needed a different kind of boat for sunny salty Florida. Y'all I think after the shock wore off I cried ten times. I know it's silly, but it's not. Because it isn't just about having fun or getting a new toy.
It's about having space to create moments of true happiness, so that one day when we don't have to be together we will remember those times and WANT to be together. 
For our family it's water, tubing, playing in the sand and just being outdoors together with our friends. For you it may be sports, cars, or horses or theater. The point is to find something that your family enjoys together and do it. 

One day our children are going to grow up and remember their childhood and the parents they had in it. I want my kids to remember parents they loved to be with and ones who loved to be with them. I want them to remember ones who encouraged them in their passions and I not even gonna lie, I am so thankful that our kids all happen to love nature and the water because the thought of me having to sit and play chess or something  makes me want to pull all of my hair out. 😉 that's another post entirely. 

So tonight I am thankful for friends who love us well, for a husband who loves to surprise us, one who loves being with us and one who is a Daddy my kids are going to look back and remember days like this with. 


Thankful today for a new space to live and love well. I can't wait to share it with our people. If you ever come down this way, just reach out and I'll grab my crew and take you out to our little version of heaven on Earth. 


And even more, here's to the best Daddy ever and finding that thing that makes your people want to be together when they don't have to be. Happy Father's Day Brent. You are so much fun and I love you now more than ever, even without the boat.... But it did score mega points ;)


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