Sole Hope Day 1

Friday, July 25, 2014

                Photo by Asher Collie

Friends. I have never.....

The Sole Hope Guest House is so incredibly beautiful. Every detail is absolutly perfect and I slept like a baby, but this am we hit the ground running with jigger removal. Nothing could get me ready for this. Nothing. 

Day 1 in Uganda with Sole Hope  is not for the faint of heart. 

This is the hand of a two year old boy that literally looks about 9 months old on the generous side! 

My Mamma heart is broken into a million pieces. Before I arrived at Sole Hope guest house, six sets of feet came ahead of me and embedded in them are the worst cases of jiggers the team has ever seen.  

I wasn't ready for it. I don't know how you could be. I've had to walk away more times than I'd like to admit. 

Right now as I type I hear the cries of a boy who has had over 100 jiggers removed from just one foot, and they are nowhere near finished. I've watched the men and women lovingly nurture the kids as they remove and I've watched the men on the team have to walk away because they were overwhelmed from the kids pain. I honestly don't think I could do it, I mean if God told me to I would, but I'm wimping out here.  These people are my new Hero's because they don't quit, they keep going because they know the healing to come. 

Pray for the team today who has been extracting jiggers for hours from just two of the six boys. Pray for God to give these babies supernatural comfort. Pray for this Mother/Grandmother to be receptive to the education she's being given and to nurture and care for these kids in a more healthy way. Pray for Asher and Dru who are warriors for sure, so many battles that they are not equipped to fight, yet they go into it knowing The Lord will provide. The staff here is such an amazing team .  Pray for their unity and their endurance to keep doing the work before them. 

I am thankful for these little faces that have already been treated so that I can see the joy that follows the agony of extraction. My mind needs them so much to help me focus on the healing toes and fingers that are now carrying smiles as big as Africa on little bodies once consumed with jiggers. Now these little ones are running and playing and kicking balls and pushing eachother on the swings. It's a beautiful thing. 

I'm reminded that so often the healing process is so painful. I am reminded that my Jesus on the cross bore so much agony and unthinkable grief. I imagine him wailing, begging God to save Him if it were his will I also remember that God doesn't call the equipped,  but He euipps the called. 

God called is each to something, for a moment for a season, what's he calling you to? Will you go? 

Oh and don't worry. I'll be posting on how you can get involved to support these guys. I just needed to get today off my heart and into the minds of my payer warrior readers. There will be lots more to come. For now, you pray and pray hard in the name of Jesus. 

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