Why I'm In Rwanda

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm here!! 

If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me why or how in regards to me coming to Rwanda (and Haiti and Brazil) I could afford to bring you all with me. Well, maybe not but it feels that way. 

Here's the skinny, it's shockingly simple. I came because God opened the doors and I chose to walk through them. 

God knows my heart better than anyone. He knows how he wired me and how he created me to be curious and how to have a connecting voice. He, of all people birthed in me this wanderlust. He knit together my ability to walk Into a group of strangers anywhere and feel at home. He made me to love the unknown, the uncanny and the uninvited. He birthed in me the desire to know people, to really see them and for me, the world is so much bigger than my backyard. 

For someone who hates school, I love to learn. I love the real authentic lessons that one only masters from experience. I can not wait to see what the people of Rwanda teach me, about overcoming and healing, about hard work and joy. There is a wealth of knowledge to take in. And not for my own gain but for all of us. 

I pray that we as people would not measure so much the intentions and desires and dreams up to our own comforts and callings. I know God created me for a master game of show and tell. He shows me things and I get to tell about His place in it. For me, this life is meant to be lived and experienced deeply and authentically and those opportunities will pass us by if we don't say yes when he opens the door. 

God opened doors for me and shoved me through them, I think it's wise to go with it in times like this.

I know the maker of my heart and he knows me. He knows the needs of my family and he knows our perfect balance. I trust that. So I'm in these places because I want my children to trust that balance from Him too. I want them to walk through doors and not look to me, but to Him. I want them to see me living free and full and loud for the one who gives all good things abundantly. I want them to trust the still small voice that tells them to go and the one that says stay, but they won't learn without a teacher. 

So I am living my deeply personal call in this season for many reasons. I pray you will do your best to do the same whatever that is. Someone is waiting, someone needs to be encouraged by you, challenged by you, loved by you. 

PS Rwanda isn't such a bad place to try that out! I've been here for 39 minutes and I am absolutly sure I could stay a long, long, time. The country is breathtaking, hills among hills with people who are equally as remarkable. On definatly won't have a hard time getting used to this! 

And Just to clarify. This trip is for Noonday Ambassadors. While we will be doing a lot of Jesus because well, that's where our roots are, it's how we LIVE everyday not just on a trip, please don't expect mission trip experiences. In fact, expect a lot of girls doing a lot of really (normalish) fun things. Then follow is as we are visiting the artisans, trying to wade through the genocide aftermath, meeting our new sponsor children and seeing this beautiful land. It will be a week to remember and no doubt Christ connects every thread but Noonday is my why this week. 24 other amazing world changing women weaving whatever God lays before us is our agenda. I hope you enjoy! 

PS... Here's where I am forced to stay this week. Terrible hu! 

About to go to market while we wait for the rest of my girls to get here! I hope you'll follow is all on social media with the #noondayrwanda 

See you soon, 

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