Everyday Monday

Friday, August 29, 2014

Has anyone else ever felt like everyday was Monday?

I have. Actually, I am there with you right now this very minute.

Ever since I've been home from my travel this summer I feel like every.single.day has been Monday, full of opportunity and expectations and long to do lists.

Laundry piles, hungry kids, dirty kitchen counters and floors that look like a heard of elephants trucked through are constantly in my line of vision and I am beating my head against the wall trying to make them go away. Well not the actual kids, okay maybe them too...You know Mamma's, you know...

Yep. It's pretty much a disaster around here.

Chaos at it's finest.

My poor husband.....

The moment that I was picked up from the airport by my precious ones and taken straight to the football field was defiantly foreshadowing of things to come.

This post has no real purpose other than to encourage you today that you are not alone if you are feeling crazy, or behind or like your to do list is never, ever going to get all checked off.

It will.

And honestly, some things on it need to die. Some of those expectations of perfection need to fall right away and go unnoticed.

I've been purposefully taking time to be still first thing in the am after I get my little's off to school. I have declared Monday my Sabbath because I work all weekend and need some sort of super power to turn off my brain.

It's dang near killed me knowing what all has to be done, but I need it and I bet you do too! If God rested I am pretty sure that's a given for me too. It's now my sacred space and in it I don't even care that all that stuff is waiting.

The list will wait, the kids won't starve or suffer from eating cereal for dinner and lets' be real, they have never noticed a speck of dirt on the floor, ever in their crazy little lives. Soon and very soon not only will we master our lists together but I pray we will have more of the clarity to see what needs to be taken off of them permanently so that we can live fully.... freely.

A small reminder for us to all just take time to inhale deep, release and give ourselves some grace!




  1. Yes! And I don't even have kids. :}
    Happy Friday and thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Would love to have quiet bible reading and prayer time in the morning! Getting there is hard, but encouraging read! :) Thanks! -Dee I.

  3. It is hard! I'm fortunate that all mine are in school and I'm my own boss! Grab those moments when you can, but plan for them and don't best yourself up if you miss. Jesus knew we would! Just begin again! Xoxoxo


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