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Monday, September 15, 2014

Well, this one was unplanned, from me at least... I started a community on my blog here every Monday called Speak Life. My heart longs to lift people up, to connect them, to engage and inspire and empower them to stand tall in their places. It's what my heart beats for. 

Well today, people spoke into me. They loved me. Let me just recap... 

I stumbled downstairs with one eye open to Josh man begging me to take them to school. He reminded me that he is  going to Florida this weekend and in his most precious (aka dramatic) voice he said that he just "could not stand being away from me for sooooooo many days". When I reminded him of his recent stay in NYC all summer without me, he quickly informed me of how he cried more than one night in his sleep bc he missed me. That. No words really. He is as much mine as any of them are and I treasure the opportunity to share him with his Mom and Dad. "Two Mamma" he calls me sometimes because he says he has two Mamma's and I call him my heart baby as opposed to my belly babies.. Grown in my heart he has indeed...  

Then, at 9am, I had a date around my kitchen table with two of the most amazing women who blessed me with their organization, management skills and brainstorming. Ashley and Jessica came in and relieved my some things off my plate and took ownership of things they are awesome at that I just so happen to be terrible at, everyone doing their part. Ashley called tonight and has entered almost 300 names and their contact info in excel for me and I just can't even...  I mean wow.. The angels are singing, I can hear them!! It sounds so small but I've been staring at that green eyed monster for a year and it wouldn't have gotten done with out her.. 

Then this...

While they were here, I look out to see two more of my most favorite friends in my driveway grabbing bags and gifts from the trunk of cars.. Kim and Kelly surprised me with a visit, that in itself I love, because it was unexpected and unannounced! A big bag of clothes for my girl that Taylor had outgrown and the most thoughtful gift from Kim... A jewelry board with photos of all three countries I visited this summer, my life verse that started it all and a metal piece that totally represents our friendship. The heart for Kim and wings for me... Love Carries Love. Totally amazing... I even caught Mary Cohen drawing a photo of the board today, complete with the verse and all! 

Then this.. 

And as if that wasn't good enough, I came home to these goodies! You know boxes from Paige in Atlanta and Noonday are going to be good, good scores! A beautiful pillow that I totally fell for when I saw it on Paige's Facebook post and some new Noonday goodness that I've been waiting on for weeks! 

May I mention, that you all were adding your comments to the blog post in the between moments of all of this. Such great influencers you are. I love your wise and tender words that speak life into me every time you share them.. Powerful, rich, life giving indeed. 

I got two more visits from friends today, one from Jaime to test out a new leather Noonday bag, which you must all have... and another from Tennille to pick up her Noonday swag for helping host my Fall Launch Show! Free Noonday is good Noonday! I got to chat regular old life and of beginning new things with both of them. Roots and wings.. 

My hubby also had the garage door fixed. #winning

Then more unexpected love in the form of a text message conversation with Sheena!! A little about community and being uncomfortable and loving in hard places and getting outside the safe spots. I listened to her talk about teaching her kids about homelessness and them teaching her to be brave. She out of the blue typed four words that made me cry on the other side of cyber space... 

"I believe in you."

I don't know what you are waiting on today. I don't know what you deem a good day or a successful day or an encouraging day. I don't know what speaking life means to you, but I do know what it means to me. 

It was today. 

I know that for me today was nothing flashy, in fact most of it happened with crazy hair, a broken out face, wearing yoga pants and an old ESSO t shirt. It happened through sleepy eyes and the love of a ten year old who loves me and in spite of a nasty lingering cold and stacks of things that needed to be done.

Today was a perfect day. 

It was one of my most favorite, encouraging, life giving, beautiful days because people spoke life into me in ordinary ways. They loved me so well in so many little things. They surprised me, they helped me, they encouraged me and they simply engaged me! I love a good drop in from a friend for no reason at all. That is like the best gift ever and today I got three!!! :) Each of these people proved today that you can change the entire course of someone's life just by dropping in, by reaching out and by simply being there. 

I say if you give out love it will find you. My people rocked my world today and I'm going to bed full and humbled by them all. 

Who will you love well today? Who will you just be there for? What thing do you do well that someone else doesn't? See them, find them, fill the gaps. Use your simple things to change the course of someone else's day. 

Speak Life... 

The blog is open all week for you to add your encouraging message! Share the love friends, it just might come back around and knock you off your feet... 


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