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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Sunday You Guys!

I have had lots of ideas spinning around in my head recently about creating communities and this one was my launch point. It's simple, everyone with a computer or smart phone can participate and it's a good use of all those awesome pintrest quotes we/I incessantly pin. You DO NOT have to have a blog to participate! Just an image that you can share!

I wanted to create a space for speaking life into the lives of those who come across my blog. I wanted to create a place where people could come to be inspired, empowered and encouraged to live a large, full life. I wanted to create a community of hope and one full of good and positive thoughts and reminders of heavenly promises.

So welcome to Speak Life
It's a phrase I hold dear. The power of words is life altering. The opportunity to wield words of affirmation and encouragement, life over destruction and harm, death is always ours. The opportunity to speak up or stay silent is ours, always...  It's kind of my mantra, one day I am gonna write a book with that title, but for now, I'm going with a link up!
So here's the skinny, so easy..

Each Monday you will have the chance to link an image to this page. It will appear at the bottom of the post and you can even click on other people's images to like them. So imagine a page full of encouraging, motivational quotes, photos and verses to get your work/school week started AND the opportunity to be a part of a community who speaks life into one another. Winning!
**If you are a blogger, there will also be a link for you to cut and paste into a post on your blog every week that will hold the same exact list of entries so that we are all crossing paths with one another's readers. How fun is that. I must say I love the connections technology can bring!**

We will start this tomorrow and other bloggers will start linking up as the word travels! If you know a friend who would like to join, share this post with them. If you are a blogger and would like to guest post on Monday's here I would LOVE for you to comment below. I'll create a schedule and send you a reminder. Just a quick paragraph or two on something that Speaks Life into this place!

I can not wait!


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