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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Monday y'all! It was a really challenging week last week and I am so glad I had your words of encouragement here because I wore them slam out. I'm loving the chatter that is happening as people start to figure the concept out and learn how to upload their images to the link up! If you are new here today, Speak Life is a simply a space every Monday where we can link up or pin images together in a collection that encourage, lift up and speak life into each other because well, life can suck every good and sane and happy thing out of you sometimes. We need to be grounded in truth. We need to be reminded of hope and we defiantly need to link arms to make our circle stronger.

Today. I am so excited to have the first guest post from my dear friend McCall. She is a Noonday Ambassador as well. If you don't know what that is take a moment and go here. I met McCall this summer on my trip to Rwanda. I love her, that is all. She's my kind of real and funny and she loves in hard places and she's not a stranger to needing encouragement. She's on a journey that most of us won't ever set out on. A few thousand miles away. or a few hundred thousand, is a little one who calls her Mamma. A sweet Congolese baby face who is waiting for her Mamma and Daddy and big sister to come and get her and bring her home. She's here today to share some encouragement and to speak life into those who may be in a season of waiting.

Enjoy and then leave your link up with your own encouragement! What words get you through seasons of waiting? Why don't you leave those in the comment section for McCall? Because, well, that's what friends do. They love well. Let's just do that shall we?

Happy Monday Y'all and thanks McCall, I can't not wait to see that baby girl in YOUR family photos soon! God is ABLE!!



Last week was not my favorite. You see, we are in month seventeen of our adoption of a little girl from Congo. On Wednesday, it will be one year since we first saw her little face. A whole year. Three hundred and sixty-five days of staring at her and longing for her and praying for her and dreaming about her. A year’s worth of worrying and crying and aching to have her in our arms. And last week, it hit me. My heart was so heavy and burdened for her. I just wanted an update. I NEEDED to know that she was okay and to be reminded that God is still in control. He is in control of all of this, I know that. But sometimes, I just need to hear it again. You know when you leave your kids with the babysitter, and you try to call just to make sure that everything is okay, and she doesn’t answer? Granted, she’s probably busy with dinnertime and bath time and bedtime, but you still worry. What if she’s not answering because something is wrong? Well, waiting for my daughter to come home is kind of like that—there’s no one to tell me she’s okay when I need to hear it. And because no one is there to tell me she’s okay, I automatically worry that she’s not. And the babysitter? I’ve
never met her.

I prayed and read my Bible, hoping for encouragement and reassurance. I rallied my prayer warriors. I called on my friends. And I worried. I was honest with God about it--- this whole adoption thing? It’s hard. What if I’m not strong enough? What if this waiting makes me completely crazy? What if my daughter isn’t okay?

Last night I went to sleep discouraged. The longing and the aching and the needing to see her face was all there in full force. And like always, I prayed for her as I drifted off to sleep. Take care of her, protect her, remind her that we are coming and that she is not forgotten.


And this morning? It brought joy by the bucketfuls. I woke up to a new picture of her, taken just last week. And in the picture, she’s smiling. In the fifteen pictures and three videos I’ve seen of her, I’ve never seen her smile. Until today. And her smile? It’s quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Jesus, for this sweet, sweet reminder that you are taking care of her and that you, as always, are in control. Thank you for the smile that filled my heart to the very tip top.

Visit McCall over at her space Lee, Me & The Girls to follow her adoption story and to laugh a lot, because that's just how she rolls. The perfect mix of faithful and funny. Love her much!

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