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Monday, September 29, 2014

It was a tough week last week friends, for several of my littles and in the midst of it I couldn't hear the message that I was being offered. Today, as I sit in my quiet time of solitude I am reminded of this from Michelangelo.
   [The Creation of Adam 1510]

"If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn't call it genius." ~Michelangelo

Saturday in my hour upon hour long process of trying to help my 5th grader get words strung together on a piece of paper for a writing assignment through tears and groans and a sea of "I cant's" (is that even a word) what kept coming to mind was that somehow I had to teach him that A- "he could" and B- that creating something great takes a lot of hard work. 

I think that sometimes we focus on teaching our little's that they can do anything and be anything without teaching them that it will cost them a lot of sweat and sacrifice. Honestly, I think that we forget that too. So many times they get taught about dreaming and not about working. They expect success to just happen and it rarely ever does and when they don't create something great, or come out on top or finish first they fall into "I Cant's".

I love this quote and this painting for numerous reasons, but I love the reminder that while I do have faith that anything is possible, it requires work, hard work and that I am capable of that too. I'm also called to teach lessons about it. There were a million and twelve things I would have rather been doing on Saturday than helping my 5th grader write a paper. But when I look at the painting above and see the two fingers nearly touching I remember that my job as the one who gave my son life is to reach out and touch him and give life to those moments that are in really simple words, just hard. My giving life didn't end when I gave birth to him after HOURS of labor. It's a constant state of motherhood, this life giving thing. And guess what, doing it well, well,  IT'S HARD WORK!

I hope that you will be inspired today to speak life to someone in a hard place, to take the extra time to do the hard work to make one of your dreams come true, someone else is waiting for the impact you were called to have in this season, this place, this time. What will your contribution be?

PS: That little 5th grader finished his paper and was writing on his own by Sunday afternoon. Turns out, he doesn't hate words and storytelling as much as he thought! Praise Jesus, no one even had to die or have a mental breakdown to get a paper done! 

#winning #wesurvivedandstillloveeachother 

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