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Monday, September 15, 2014

Good Morning!

I am glad you are back! You blessed me so much last week and even though some of you were not exactly sure how to get the image posted you sent them to me! Awesomeness! Again for those of you who are just stopping in for the first time. This new space is just a simple way for lots and lots of us to post some encouraging, motivational words to SPEAK LIFE into the week ahead. Everyone knows that Monday's can be daunting, sometimes a little intimidating and dreaded even, so I just thought that we could make use of some space on the internet via my blog and of those 100 Pinterest quotes that we pin every week by putting them all in one spot here to love on each other. You could also just post an image that you have that has inspired you. I know as a photographer there are so many that have stuck with me that bring me to tears. Just go with what you think would speak life into someone's day today! Each week we will all link arms (or pins) together and encourage and hopefully uplift each other. I believe words are so powerful and I believe that we are called to use them for good. So here's one really easy way to do that!

Bloggers, there is a link at the very bottom of this post that will allow you to paste this into a blog post of your own today so that your blog post shows the exact same grouping of thumbnails. You can link up and invite your readers to join us each Monday too! How fun would it be for women all over the world to be connected for a few minutes on Monday morning? I swoon at the thought! Let's make it happen!

Here's some motivation from me today! I believe in lots of regular voices joining together for good and this is my promise to ground it on! What do you need to believe today?


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